Get Blogged Christmas Closure – How it Will Impact You.

The Get Blogged office will be closed from the 24th – 28th December inclusive so that our team can enjoy the festivities. Learn more about how this may impact you here.

Get Blogged Christmas Closure – How it Will Impact You.

The Get Blogged office will be closed from Friday 24th to Tuesday 28th December inclusive.

It’s important to us that we give our hard-working and dedicated team some and distraction-free time off with their family at Christmas.

This means the team will not be available over this period which may impact you. However, the Get Blogged platform is still very much open for you to use freely. Please read on to understand what this means and the last dates for the team to be able to help you.


Payout Approvals will resume on 29th December

When you request withdrawal of funds from your Get Blogged account, our team reviews the request and approves it, releasing the funds to your Paypal account. Once the office closes for Christmas our team won’t be available to approve withdrawal requests, so, make sure you request any withdrawals before 3pm on Thursday the 23rd December. We will review and approve all payment requests as soon as we are back in the office on the 29th of December.

Team Support will resume on 29th December

The Get Blogged team is usually on hand to help with any questions or issues you might have during working office hours. Once the office closes for Christmas our team won’t be available to help until the office reopens on the 29th December. If you need support from us in any way, please be sure to contact us before 3pm on the 23rd December. We will reply to all enquiries as soon as we are back in the office.

What Bloggers will still be able to do

We pride ourselves on providing a self-service platform for both Bloggers and Brands, so our absence over Christmas will not hinder much:

*This may be slower as brands will likely take some time off too.
**Please see the above payout approvals information.


Support with top bloggers will pause

The Get Blogged Marketing team is often on hand to help brands pick the best bloggers to work with from their proposals. We work tirelessly to look through and analyse every single proposal from bloggers and pride ourselves on presenting brands with the best quality bloggers to work with. Due to Christmas closures, the Marketing team will not be able to provide this service from the dates of 24th December to 28th December.

If, however, you would like this service for any live listings over this time period, we will work on getting this kind of information to you once we are back in the office.

To ensure that you receive this support as early in the festive season as possible, simply drop Rosie an email to let her know!

Payment support will be on hold

You will be able to continue hiring blogger proposals successfully, business as usual.

However, if you require any kind of invoice created or you have a query regarding your payments, you will not get a reply until the return to the office on December 29th.

To help ensure that payments remain smooth, we recommend all invoice enquiries and payment/hiring requests and support be made no later than December 23rd at 2pm.

All invoices for Get Blogged transactions can be found in your profile – simply head to profile > balance > payments.

If you need any support on this before 24th December, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Live Chat will be unavailable

During normal office hours, all brands have access to the Live Chat option should they require any instant support when using the Get Blogged Marketplace. We pride ourselves on being able to answer any questions or queries quickly and effectively via the Live Chat function.

This function is maintained by the Marketing team.

Due to Christmas closures, the team will not be able to answer any queries via this function, but if you do have any questions that need answering, simply email us and we will get back to you as soon as we’re back in the office on December 29th.

Brands can continue to post jobs but they will go live from 29th December

All new listings are manually approved by our team and are usually appraised in a quick and effective fashion. We like to work closely with all brands to ensure that all listings created can be as successful as possible. Often this means no intervention at all and your listing can simply be set live. Sometimes, this means gaining clarification to ensure that all details are correct and ready to go live. As soon as a listing has been set live, we then inform our top bloggers to get pitching.

However, due to closures, any job appraisals will be delayed until our team is back in the office on 29th December. We like to provide a “human touch” to all listings across the Get Blogged Marketplace – we know our bloggers best (they love detail so that they can send you a high-quality pitch) and we want to give you the most amount of success with your listing.

We would advise all brands to get their job listings submitted for approval before 23rd December at 2pm – this way, we can approve or edit them with your support and promote them to our vast database of bloggers. You can post a job for free, here.

If you have an urgent listing that needs our attention, please let us know as early as possible.

Reflecting on the first year of the Get Blogged Marketplace

The Get Blogged team work incredibly hard behind the scenes, striving to provide a top-notch service for businesses and content creators. It is important to us that everyone in the team gets the opportunity to reset, relax and spend some time with their friends, families (and pets) over the festive period.

Year 1 overview… (The Marketplace is still a baby, we launched in January 2021!)

Being a small, agile team, a short closure does mean that we won’t be able to support you to our usual levels, and we appreciate your understanding during this time.

We are so proud to have helped hundreds of businesses grow with blogger marketing campaigns in 2021. We’re equally proud of providing a platform where bloggers can easily monetise their blogs and work with some brilliant brands.

Here is an overview of the activity in the Get Blogged Marketplace this year so far:

  • 1,300+ campaigns live
  • 53,000+ blogger proposals received
  • 12,400+ proposals accepted

Let’s make 2022 the best year, together…

Please be assured that we will be providing our usual service from 29th December onwards, raring to go as we move into 2022.

We’ve got some great campaign ideas to get the inspo. flowing, so get your jobs live now and your proposals in sharpish to see 2021 off with a bang!

Thanks to everyone for your support, and we are excited to continue to work with you all in 2022!


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