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2. Engagement

Are you searching for reliable and talented beauty bloggers for your SEO and marketing campaigns?

Are you eager to not just secure backlinks to your website, but to have highly creative and shareable content created for your brand?

Would you like to get access to a simple but dynamic platform that instantly connects you with the best US beauty bloggers?

Get Blogged’s Marketplace : Where Brands Meet The Best US Beauty Bloggers

Founded and developed by a team of leading online business owners, we’ve spent many years building relationships with hundreds of America’s best beauty bloggers and creators, and we’ve created a platform that makes it easy for you to connect with the publishers who can deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re marketing a high-end skincare range, implementing an SEO strategy for a chain of salons, trying to generate more bookings for an opulent spa destination, or anything else, reaching your outreach goals has never been easier.

Our US beauty bloggers cover a wide range of topics, from looking after your skin on a budget to finding the perfect on-trend lipstick shade.

They write with confidence and skill about everything from developing a skincare routine to tackle common problems, to the latest celebrity-led trends, and everything in between.

As varied and their content are their audiences.

Some of our beauty bloggers cater exclusively to more mature readers. Others write solely for those with an interest in natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly products. Some are focused on luxury brands and experiences.

Whoever your ideal buyer might be, we have bloggers who have already earned their attention and trust.

Easy start

Simply create your free listing in the Marketplace, detailing exactly what you’re looking for.

That might be a link placement, a written review, an unboxing video, a brand ambassador, or a social mention.

The Marketplace is already a hive of activity for US beauty bloggers, and they’re checking in on a day to day basis to find the best collaboration opportunities.

Our community

To ensure that you receive a high volume of quality applicants, we also reach out to our community via our engaged email newsletter and private Facebook Group, and we invite the best creators to submit a pitch detailing what they can deliver for you.

You can expect to hear their creative content ideas, and an outline of exactly how they’d tackle your assignment to create the very best results.

5. Style
6. Ability to meet deadlines

Control process

You can then browse through the proposals via our user-friendly dashboard, and access the detailed blogger profiles with data collated via Moz and SEMRush.

You’ll receive the creators’ best fees, and their ideas to bring your project to life.

Approve the proposals you love, and have the work delivered to you by your specified deadline.

You’ll of the total project fee, if and when you decide to go ahead and work with one or more of our bloggers.

Easy start

At Get Blogged, we firmly believe that link building
and the finest quality content should never, ever be
mutually exclusive


Post your job in the Marketplace


Receive personalised, tailored pitches from our US beauty bloggers


Select the pitches that you love & sit back while our bloggers get to work

3. Influence

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So What Exactly Can Our US beauty Bloggers Deliver For Your Brand?

No more scouring the web to find the beauty bloggers that meet your exact criteria.

No more wasted time crafting outreach emails that get ignored.

And most importantly, no more mediocre, boring content that fails to get actual readers excited about your beauty brand.

Maximum conversion

Here’s just a handful of examples of how you can use the Marketplace to work with US beauty bloggers:

– Get your ideal buyers excited about your product or service by commissioning our bloggers to write detailed reviews
– Invite our creators to take professional standard photography to showcase your brand, and use these on your own social media platforms
– Increase your social media following via mentions from beauty influencers
– Choose a blogger to be your brand ambassador, and have them drive sales to your business on a regular basis

Join us today, and you could be connecting with the best US beauty bloggers within a matter of hours

Using the Get Blogged Marketplace to collaborate with US beauty bloggers couldn’t be easier.
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