Are you asking yourself how many paid blogging jobs will I win with Get Blogged?

We can’t guarantee the number of assignments you’ll collaborate with brands on. This said, we do try to engage as many Bloggers as possible. As Bloggers ourselves, we really do appreciate the time and effort it takes to apply for opportunities, and we know how disheartening it can be when you don’t get picked to work with a brand.

How Many Paid Blogging Jobs Will I Win With Get Blogged?

We want to give you the very best start to working with Get Blogged and provide the very best chances to win paid blogging jobs.

Importantly, Bloggers are urged to understand the considerations that our hiring managers have to make when assigning a Blogger to a blogging opportunity. Therefore, when engaging Bloggers, all brands and businesses have different needs and goals. They can be one or more of the following factors:

  • Domain Authority
  • Pitch Quality
  • Blog Niche
  • Location
  • Blog’s Appearance
  • Blog Engagement
  • Traffic
  • Brand Collaborations History
  • Content Quality
  • Social Engagement
  • Your Past Performance
  • Current Workload
  • Peers / Competition

These factors are all explained in more detail, here.

How Many Paid Blogging Jobs Will I Win With Get Blogged?

At Get Blogged, we work hard behind the scenes to recruit new brands for Bloggers to work with, and we have provided thousands of opportunities for Bloggers since our launch in February 2018. We are also focussed on providing an excellent service for our existing clients. We like to think of Get Blogged as taking the effort of outreaching to brands away from you as Bloggers, so you can focus on doing what you love best – writing more excellent content.

Whilst we would love to be in a position ‘recruit’ Bloggers for regular, guaranteed paid work, due to the nature of Blogger Outreach, this is not possible. We work very hard to consider every Blogger’s application and we spread the work around as fairly as we possibly can. Furthermore, this could mean that you work on one assignment a month, or 10, depending on demand and client mix at that particular time. You may go through a period of not having many assignments, despite you relentlessly applying for them, but this might be because we have a low turnover of assignments whilst we recruit new brands for you to work with. Know that we do very much appreciate the effort you’re putting in to apply for assignments.

I’ve Just Joined Get Blogged – When Will I Win My First Paid Blogging Job?

If you’re brand new to the platform, are you wondering how many paid blogging jobs will I win with Get Blogged? Your application will always be considered if your blog is user friendly and attractive and your content is top-notch. It may take a few weeks to win your first paid blogging job, or it may take a few hours. Keep applying with solid pitches and hang in there. As long as you have taken note of the above client considerations, a collaboration is likely come up soon.

The Get Blogged Bloggers Guide

The more popular Get Blogged gets, the more questions arise like ‘how many paid blogging jobs will I win with Get Blogged’. That’s why we created the Get Blogged Blogger’s Guide. To help you understand the way Get Blogged works and our decision process when aligning Bloggers with brand collaboration opportunities.

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Of course, if we still haven’t answered your burning questions, feel free to email us at any time.