You may be asking yourself how to win paid blogging jobs? At Get Blogged, we have a lot to think about when assigning a Blogger to a blogging opportunity. Not always, but the following considerations can be made when we pick a Blogger for a paid blogging opportunity

How To Win Paid Blogging Jobs

How To Win Paid Blogging Jobs – It’s All About The Brand’s Individual Needs

When engaging Bloggers, all brands and businesses have different needs and goals. There are certain things that may not be apparent in a blogging brief. They can be one or more of the following factors:

  • A blog should be registered in a preferred location
  • A Blogger should have an attractive looking blog
  • A Blogger should not have collaborated with a competitor

The details of these are explained in more detail below to help you learn how to win paid blogging jobs.

Your Blog’s Domain Authority

Does your domain authority┬ámeet the assignment’s minimum requirement? It’s an absolute must that your blog’s DA score hits the brief, and in very rare circumstances will we be able to offer the assignment to a lower DA blog. To learn more about why domain authority is important to brands and businesses, read this guide.

Your Pitch

This has got to be the most important factor when learning how to win paid blogging jobs. Have you written why you’d be a great fit for the assignment, and what you plan on writing about? We (and therefore, our clients) unfortunately receive pitches every day that don’t cut the mustard. Have you read our detailed guide to writing pitches? If you truly want to learn how to win paid blogging jobs, spending a little time writing a good pitch really is a must.

Your Blog Niche

Are you applying with a relevant site? Say you’ve got a beauty blog, and the assignment is about pet food. Do you have a blog where that kind of content would fit well? You may be able to spin a killer pitch as to why your beauty blog would fit the brief (maybe you’ve got a dog who appears in your posts regularly), but the client would most likely be looking for animal focussed and lifestyle blogs. With Blogger Outreach, it’s crucial for a brand to be seeking content placements on relevant blogs to their niche.

Your Blog Location

We usually require Bloggers who are situated all over the world, but in some cases a brand may want to target a certain country or very specific location.

Your Blog’s Appearance

Does your blog look its best? Your content should ultimately be the king of your blog, but it’s also important, when collaborating with brands, to make sure the look of your blog is attractive. Being user friendly is also a consideration to make. Ultimately, it’s your choice how you set out your blog, but there are some factors that brands will be looking for. Can your visitors see your latest posts, and can they navigate around your blog easily and quickly? Does your blog load quickly, and is it free of annoying pop ups and ads?

Your Blog Engagement

How many comments and shares do you get on your posts? Whether it’s a gazillion, or zero, this doesn’t always matter. Sometimes we (and clients) won’t even take this into consideration, but some brands will. It’s always a good idea to take a few minutes now and again to comment on other blogs, which, in turn, will help the engagement on your own blog. It’s always a good idea to mention your loyal blog followers in your pitch, just in case.

Your Blog Traffic

Has your blog got a steady stream of traffic? Not all, but some brands will be looking to work with blogs that have a good amount of traffic, so it’s a great selling point if you can boast that.

Your Past Collaborations

Have you worked with the brand in question before? If a brand is working with a Blogger for the purposes of placing their site link on a blog, then it’s unlikely the collaboration can continue past that one interaction. On Get Blogged, we use a score called ‘domain history’, and it shows us if a Blogger has worked with a particular site before. If you’ve applied for an assignment, and your domain history is more than 0%, then it’s unlikely we can assign you the job.

Your Brand Collaborations History (outside of Get Blogged)

Have you worked with a competitor of the brand you’re applying to collaborate with? This can sometimes be a consideration when assigning collaborations, and can go against you. On the flip side, some brands really like to see a Blogger with experience in their niche, so will take it as a positive. This backs up the need to consider an indivdual brand’s needs and goals, and to not take it personally if you get pipped at the post for a paid blogging job.

Your Content Quality

It may sound silly, but do you write great content? If you don’t, then you really should. Not only does it do wonders for your reputation as a Blogger/Writer, great content will attract blog traffic, improve your domain authority, and do wonders for your SEO. It also stands you in great stead to be a front runner when applying for an assignment on Get Blogged and other blogger outreach platforms.

Your Social Engagement

Are you proud to share your posts on your social networks? If a brand sees that you are actively sharing your content on your social pages, they’re going to really love you for the extra brand exposure.

Your Past Performance

Have you submitted your past assignments with Get Blogged on time? Great! Then you shall be considered a reliable member of the Get Blogged community. We are just a small team, and we love it when Bloggers send us their assignments on time, as it pleases our clients, and lessens our workload!

We hate to be so strict, but the chances of winning blogging work inevitably deminishes for the small amount of Bloggers who don’t complete assignments on time, or at all. Those who contact us with their issues or ask for extentions, are still our friends – we love communication. We are all human, and we know that things come up that get in the way of Blogging! Like families, illness, and work commitments. Unfortunately, those Bloggers who default on an assignment with no communication as to why, will not be considered for assignments in the future unless they can demonstrate they can be relied upon.

Your Current Workload

How many other assignments have you got on at any one time? If you’ve been successful with a few assignments, which you’ve not completed yet, we do consider your workload. It’s a risk for us to overload a Blogger with more than 2 assignments in such short time frame, so we tend to assign one Blogger one or two assignments per week maximum. If a Blogger is quick to get work completed, then of course we will just keep on pressing the ‘assign’ button!

Your Peers

On most assignments we get around 20 – 60 applications. As you can imagine, that makes it tricky for us to choose between you wonderful Bloggers sometimes. If you’re continuing to apply for assignments, and writing great pitches, then we try to evenly assign work. So, hold tight for your next assignment!

The Get Blogged Bloggers Guide

The more popular Get Blogged gets, the more questions arise like how to win paid blogging jobs. That’s why we created the Get Blogged Blogger’s Guide. To help you understand the way Get Blogged works, and our decision process when aligning Bloggers with brand collaboration opportunities.

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Of course, if we still haven’t answered your burning questions, feel free to email us at any time.