Websites we accept, and websites we don't

When engaging Bloggers, all brands and businesses have different needs and goals, but there are a few standard factors that brands look for when hiring bloggers on their blogging jobs. They can be one or more of the following factors:

  • If the blog is self-hosted…more on that below.
  • The blog’s niche
  • The blogger’s location
  • The blog’s appearance
  • If they have collaborated before
  • Whether or not the blogger has collaborated with a close competitor
  • The blog’s domain authority
  • The blog’s traffic
  • …and a few more explained here.

The details of these are explained in more detail here to help you learn how to win paid blogging jobs.

Why Get Blogged only accept self-hosted blogs

How to connect your Google Analytics account to show brands your blog stats

Connecting Google Analytics

Connecting your Get Blogged account to Google Analytics has many benefits including making your sites appear more attractive to brands! Learn more below.

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