49 Blogger Marketing Ideas For October 2023 [+ Seasonal Traffic Trends]

Here you can expect a list of awareness days and events in October, invaluable information on key traffic trends and creative campaign ideas to steal for yourself...


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49 Blogger Marketing Ideas For October 2023 [+ Seasonal Traffic Trends]

Did somebody say Christmas countdown? (Too early? OK, OK, I won’t mention it again. I definitely will…) We’re now three-quarters through 2023 and it feels like it was only yesterday that we were getting ready for summer events, beach days, park picnics, school and work holidays and navigating seasonality drops or surges (obviously it’s different depending on what industry you’re in.) But no matter how much fun you had in the summer months, the autumn time brings a bit of (I think, much-needed) stability and heightened spending behaviour as we focus on building up to the festive season.

In this guide, you can expect a list of awareness days and events in October, invaluable information on key traffic trends to take advantage of, and creative campaign ideas to steal for yourself, so grab a beverage of your choice and prepare to be inspired…

There are huge benefits to collaborating with bloggers, including traffic and sales boosts and increased visibility in key marketssounds ideal, right? But we know that when you’re under pressure to put together an engaging blogger marketing plan it can be hard to come up with ideas for each month.

Well, you’re in luck because we’re always happy to help with campaign ideas!

We have invested our time (so you don’t have to) today to bring you 49 awareness days and key dates in October to spark some blogger marketing campaign inspiration. Read on to learn how you can turn key dates in your calendar into sales opportunities all year long.

  1. The Big Draw (1st – 31st October)
  2. International Babywearing Month (1st – 31st October)
  3. International Walk to School Month (1st – 31st October)
  4. National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (1st – 31st October)
  5. Go Sober for October (1st – 31st October)
  6. Black History Month (1st – 31st October)
  7. International School Library Month (1st – 31st October)
  8. Grandparent’s Day (1st October)
  9. World Vegetarian Day (1st October)
  10. International Coffee Day (1st October)
  11. International Day of Older Persons (1st October)
  12. National Work Life Awareness Week (2nd October – 6th October)
  13. National Hygiene Week (2nd October – 8th October)
  14. The Children’s Trust Pyjama Week (2nd October – 8th October)
  15. Backcare Awareness Week (3rd October – 7th October)
  16. Public Health Workforce Week (3rd October – 7th October)
  17. National Curry Week (3rd October – 9th October)
  18. Child Health Day (3rd October)
  19. World Habitat Day (3rd October)
  20. World Animal Day (4th October)
  21. No Disposable Cup Day (4th October)
  22. World Space Week (4th October – 10th October)
  23. World Teacher Day (5th October)
  24. National Poetry Day (5th October)
  25. Boycott Your Bed (7th October)
  26. World Smile Day (7th October)
  27. World Post Day (9th October)
  28. International Astronomy Day (9th October)
  29. National Porridge Week (9th October – 15th October)
  30. World Mental Health Day (10th October)
  31. International Day of The Girl Child (11th October)
  32. International Coming Out Day (11th October)
  33. International Skeptics Day (13th October)
  34. World Sight Day (13th October)
  35. National Baking Week (14th October – 20th October)
  36. Family Learning Festival (15th October – 30th October)
  37. World Food Day (16th October)
  38. Boss’s Day (16th October)
  39. Recycle Week (16th October – 22nd October)
  40. Chocolate Week (17th October – 23rd October)
  41. Wear it Pink (20th October)
  42. World Values Day (20th October)
  43. Apple Day (21st October)
  44. Black Cat Day (27th October)
  45. National Cheese Toastie Day (27th October)
  46. National Cat Day (29th October)
  47. World Online Networking Day (29th October)
  48. Halloween (31st October)
  49. Museums at Night (31st October – 2nd November)

3 ways to collaborate with bloggers and influencers on awareness days in October

It’s all very well me giving you a list of dates and expecting you to have some kind of eureka marketing moment, but I’m not finished yet! Here are three examples of how to use an awareness day or seasonal celebration to create a marketing campaign…

Boost your visibility with food bloggers on World Vegetarian Day

Imagine you’re running a vegetarian restaurant or a plant-based meal delivery service. Utilising the hook of World Vegetarian Day on 1st October is an excellent strategy to reach your target audience when it’s most relevant.

You could collaborate with a selection of food bloggers to create captivating and comprehensive content around the “must-try dishes,” the “health benefits of vegetarianism,” and the “joy of plant-based eating.” Encourage bloggers to share the content on their social media platforms and stimulate engagement with their followers by offering free meal vouchers to the first 5 people to sign up for your newsletter.

Reach your perfect customers on Grandparent’s Day

If you’re a retailer of products for humans of grandparent age, don’t miss the opportunity to reach your ideal target market – by getting your products in gift guides for Grandparent’s Day. A gift guide is a specially curated list of products that the blogger wholeheartedly recommends to their readers.

Typically, gift guides would be called something like “23 personalised gifts for grandmothers” and would contain products that the blogger has had the chance to use or review on a gifted basis (but not always.)

So, you might be a retailer of luxury bedding, skincare for mature skin, supplements, clothes, books or something else entirely – if Grandparents make up part of your target audience, commissioning bloggers to include your products in their Grandparent’s Day gift guides is a master marketing stroke.

It’s these perfectly timed content placements that should not be overlooked in your marketing strategy. And you’re in luck because you can get your products in all sorts of gift guides from only £26 on Get Blogged.

Join in the fun of Halloween and increase your sales while you’re at it

Whether you’re an online craft supplies retailer, a kid’s party planner, a sustainable clothing brand or a food manufacturer, there are countless ways to use the Halloween season to your advantage. Let’s pick an example of how to promote a craft supplies site…

You’ve got paper, glue dots, glitter, scissors and a host of DIY Halloween decoration inspiration on your site that you want to drive craft-supply-hungry traffic to. What better way to do this than to challenge parent bloggers to decorate their spaces with their own DIY decs, whilst encouraging them to shout from their ghostly rooftops about exactly how they achieved such a fabulous look (with your products and guides of course!)

As a Brucey-bonus, what better way to get your target audience engaging with your brand than to be part of the conversation. Make sure you drop in on the comments and share the images and comments on your platforms for an extra buzz.

The next few months (from August to December inclusive) are positively brimming with exciting opportunities to reach your perfect customers, with a number of key shopping occasions on the calendar as we’ve outlined earlier. Here are a few occasions we anticipate to be popular with buyers based on e-commerce search trends…

Halloween traffic trend:

Picks up: 1st August
Peaks: 3rd October
Tapers off: 30th October

Hanukkah traffic trend:

Picks up: 10th October

Peaks: 9th November

Tapers off: 10th December

Thanksgiving traffic trend:

Picks up: 1st September
Peaks: 4th November
Tapers off: 28th December

Advent traffic trend:

Picks up: 15th September
Peaks: 15th October
Tapers off: 25th December

Christmas traffic trend:

Picks up: 1st September
Peaks: 28th November
Tapers off: 29th December

Let’s start Q4 with a solid blogger marketing plan

So there you have it, some campaign topics to spark fresh ideas for content creator marketing campaigns in October, plus insight into key shopping trends until the end of this year. As I mentioned before, if you get a creativity block, need a fresh perspective, or simply want to hear what is working on Get Blogged currently, get in touch and we’ll be excited to help.

List your creator marketing campaign on the Get Blogged marketplace for free today and get enthusiastic proposals from our 22K-strong creator community within hours (usually minutes!)


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