How many jobs can I have live at one time?

There is no set-in-stone limit to the number of free jobs you can have live at one time. However, we’re here to make things more efficient for you, so a smaller number of jobs is more advisable.

It’s entirely up to you how you’d like to set out your campaigns. Some brands like to run one job over a couple of months, carefully picking out those they like as they go, hiring batches at a time. Whilst some brands like to hire one blogger per job, and post a fresh job when they’re done with the last. Some like to have a few jobs live at one time. It really does depend on what suits you, and we are here to advise and support you in whatever way we can.

The job builder aims to make it easy to get new campaigns live, but if you run into any issues please do reach out or check out our other helpful FAQs.

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