What should I write in my job title?

The title of your Marketplace listing is incredibly important. It’s the first thing to grab bloggers’ attention and it is what can help you stand out from our many other brands using our services.

Your title should be to the point, concise but say it all. We encourage all brands to share the domain authority and the category of the bloggers they’d like to work with to their title. Your job’s description will help you go into more detail but your title is massively important.

Here are a few examples of well-performing titles in the Get Blogged Marketplace:

DA50+ bloggers wanted to create content around marriage, relationships, dating & divorce this winter

DA30+ lifestyle, eco-friendly & sustainability bloggers wanted

DA20+ lifestyle & interiors blogs to link to a page on interior designer’s website

Great assignments for football-loving bloggers

Business bloggers needed to help launch a new product

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