What happens if I don’t make hires on my job?

We know situations change. Budgets get cut, directors change their mind, something happens that has a knock-on effect on your Get Blogged job – we get it. And that’s fine a few times, we still love you. However, we do need to ensure that we are presenting top-quality, well-intentioned jobs to our blogging community at all times, so we do encourage you to get your intentions straight before posting a job on the Get Blogged platform.

If you’re simply trying out the service, with no intention but to learn, we do ask that before you ‘window shop’ you consider the work that goes into providing every job with at least 25 high-quality proposals, and sometimes 100+ proposals. We pride ourselves on giving you an excellent service, with lots of diverse choices for your campaigns, and if you end up making no hires, it’s disappointing for the community that put effort into their proposals.

That said, we do encourage you to try out Get Blogged for size, with no obligation. So go ahead, post a job today and see how awesome the platform is – we bet you can’t walk away from your job without wanting to hire somebody 😉

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