What if I don’t like what a blogger has done for me?

Firstly, you have full control over who you hire for your campaign. The more detailed your job description the better, and the more communicative you are with the blogger upon hiring, also the better!

That said, sometimes a blogger can provide something that you are not 100% happy with, and that’s ok – don’t worry – we’ve got you!

Upon appraising a blogger’s work, you have the chance to review all of the details. If you’re not 100% happy with the work, you’re given the opportunity to reject it alongside providing any amendments you’d like to request.

Upon rejecting the work, this automatically sends a request to the blogger who will review the changes you’d like them to make and then sends it back for your approval when they’re done.

If there are any questions upon the rejection, they can be made by either party via the messaging portal in your original conversation with each other.

This process is an absolutely normal part of collaborating, and it’s usually a smooth as a peach. However, if there is a rare time where you would like us to review something or get involved, we can absolutely do that.

Remember, your funds are not released (the blogger doesn’t get paid) until you press ‘approve’ on the work, so rest assured we have your back and will step in at any rare occasion that you need us to.

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