What should I write in my job description?

To ensure that you get the most amount of bloggers pitching to work with you, you need to make the description to your listing the best it can possibly be!

When creating your job, we guide you through the process with our tips, tricks, and best practices but here are our general rules of thumb:

A good description includes:

  • Type of blogger you’re looking for (lifestyle, parent, fashion)
  • Specify your desired outcome
  • Mention the key values and anything unique about the project

Your description can help to set you apart from other brands with live listings. Tell bloggers what makes you different from these competitors; let them know exactly what you’re looking for in collaboration and how it would be mutually beneficial to work together.

Be as clear as you can – our bloggers are amazing content creators but if they’re unsure of your listing, it’s possible they won’t apply to work with you.

Let them know what deliverables you want in concise bullet points. Make it as obvious as possible what your goal is and how they can help you.

By having an excellent quality description for your jobs, you can be sure to see more top-quality proposals coming in from bloggers.

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