Social Media Predictions for 2024 – What’s Coming for Creators

As we navigate through 2024, social media platforms are set to revolutionise our connections and business growth. Dive into our of predictions to strategise your social media success...


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Social Media Predictions for 2024 – What’s Coming for Creators

As we stand on the cusp of 2024, the social media universe is once again poised to revolutionise our connections, content sharing, and business growth. The ever-evolving platforms of X, Threads, Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are not just tools, but game-changers that will redefine the rules of engagement. To help you navigate this exciting landscape in 2024, we’ve curated a powerful guide packed full of our predictions to help you strategise and be prepared for the social year ahead. So, get comfortable as we share our insights that will redefine your brand’s social media narrative in 2024. Let’s dive in!

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What’s coming to Facebook in 2024?

What's coming to Facebook in 2024?

It’s no real secret to creators that Facebook has been flagging behind its competitors for some time now. But, we predict that 2024 will be the year for a Facebook resurgence – if they consider the importance of video content.

AI tools

We predict that Facebook users will see more integration of AI tools including AI recommendations in-feed and across the app.

Video Content Domination

We think that users will see more Reels and short-form video-style content inserted into feeds to boost engagement.

For marketers and creators, this means creating more engaging, entertaining and valuable video content. Be ready to repurpose and re-share your video content from other platforms on Facebook to ensure your content is shown to a wider audience – including non-followers.

Facebook predictions at a glance

  • Video content will dominate feeds
  • More AI integration within feeds
  • AI recommendations to boost engagement

What’s going to change on Instagram in 2024?

What's going to change on Instagram in 2024?

Instagram continues to be a platform that allows creators like you to monetise your content and connect with your wider audience. As creators, we are still at the mercy of platform changes, however, we foresee Instagram changing and evolving in some positive ways next year.

Glossy is out, raw & real is in!

We’re already seeing it to an extent, but instead of seeing glossy and highly filtered images, we predict a move to more real, raw-style images and videos by both brands and creators. 

This will go hand in hand with more photo-dump-style content that is less edited. So, keep your photo dumps coming and keep it creative and engaging with reels, stickers and audio rather than with filters.

Talking of reels…

Despite some social media predictions saying that static is back, we believe that video content will continue to dominate feeds with the algorithm continuing to favour video content over static or carousel posts. 

Use this as your cue to continue to create entertaining and valuable video content for your audience as these are more likely to be shown to wider audiences. The key to your reels in 2024 is to add intrigue with hooks, and value-added content whilst accessing trending audio and templates where you can.

Our tip, in 2024 don’t feel like you have to jump on every single trend and exhaust yourself. Stick with what works and you’re golden.

More generative AI creation tools

You’ll have already seen an influx of AI-style tools on Instagram – mainly the stickers in your stories and reels which, so far, are being used to help encourage engagement.

In 2024, there should be even more of a focus on generative AI content creation tools including in-stream video editing tools that will let you update your images and videos with generated elements like backgrounds.

Our advice is for you to continue using stickers, polls, and interactive elements in your content to ensure you are showing the algorithm you value engagement. 

Instagram predictions at a glance

  • Raw images and “shot on iPhone” style content will be favoured
  • Reels, reels & more reels!
  • Generative AI tools will help your engagement & algorithm signals

What’s Threads got for creators in 2024?

What's Threads got for creators in 2024?

Threads has been a welcome surprise for content creators in 2023. Creators are happily joining in their droves and stepping away from competitor platforms. Rather than dying a death like some social media analysts have mentioned, we think that Threads will continue to grow and become another place for you to earn from your audience in 2024.

X or Threads?

Our prediction for Threads 2024 is that, on the whole, more creators will favour Threads over X. While Threads is still in the minor leagues, it is certainly showing signs of growth. 

Things like social issues are helping the platform grow rapidly as people are using it to voice their opinions freely and with less fear – and away from X with its stricter moderation and verifications.

New features for Threads

We know that creators have had gripes with Threads and the lack of features to enhance and automate your content. However, there are whispers of new features being released in early 2024 that include hashtags, image alt tags and DMs. 

While this isn’t a huge step, it is certainly a step in the right direction, and this is only the start…

Competitors, ready?

For 2024, team Meta will set their sights on making Threads a solid competitor to X. Meta HQ seems to be looking back and looking ahead to see what worked, what no longer works, and how to create a social platform for the masses.

Threads predictions at a glance

  • More creators will leave Twitter/X in favour of Threads 
  • New features will be launched like hashtags, alt tags and DMs
  • Threads will become a solid competitor for Twitter/X and surpass their functionality

X/Twitter platform predictions for 2024

X/Twitter platform predictions for 2024

For creators, it’s been a funny old year with X. There has been uncertainty and confusion, trials and tribulations. Lots of us are still plugging away over there but there is no denying that engagement and conversations are low. Users are losing faith, it’s evident, with big brands closing their X apps for good.

More paid features

Our predictions for 2024 and X are more subscriptions & more opportunities for users to pay for the once-free service. We predict that this won’t go down well with everyone and will harm the app experience. But it may just be what some users need to smash it – time will tell.

The new “everything” app

Elon Musk has spoken repeatedly about making X the “everything app” so we expect updates on things like shopping, selling, and banking in the app. However, with platform cuts and limited resources, we think that this will be slow during 2024.

Newsfeeds will see a resurgence

We also think that X will rebrand itself into more of a news outlet. 2023 has shown that X no longer has the lead on social aspects, especially for creators, so we expect it to lean into news and real-time events. To ensure that the news is accessible to all, we think that X will rejig its feed to include more of a “for you page”.

X predictions at a glance

  • More subscriptions and things to pay for
  • X to become the “everything app” – a hub for shopping, selling & banking
  • Rebrand as a news outlet rather than a social app

Our predictions for Pinterest

Our predictions for Pinterest

Pinterest has always been the key product discovery and shopping destination for many millions of users. For consumers, the augmented reality element of Pinterest has transformed the platform. Here are our key predictions for Pinterest in 2024:

Revolutionising in-app shopping

The augmented reality and VR features of Pinterest are impressive and allow Pinterest to have its own USP against the other giant platforms.

In 2024 we predict that Pinterest will increase the use of their augmented reality features along with some AI to help increase sales for brands and companies. Pinterest is going to pitch itself as the place to shop throughout next year – competing with simpler platforms’ shops and stores. 

More pop-up stores

Pinterest launched its first pop-up store in New York City, providing a shoppable curation of its 2024 trends predictions. This new venture indicates Pinterest’s move towards experiential retailing, offering users an immersive shopping experience. We see this blowing up in 2024.

Visual and Video-Based Searches

Visual and video-based searches are becoming increasingly prevalent on Pinterest, indicating a shift in how users interact with the platform. Businesses can leverage this trend by creating visually appealing and video-based content to capture user attention and engagement.

New Features & Insights

Pinterest has announced several features and insights that could potentially make it a major player in 2024. While specific details about these features have not been disclosed, they will likely enhance user interface and experience, and provide businesses with more robust tools for reaching their target audiences.

Pinterest Predictions At A Glance

  • More AR & VR for consumers
  • Pinterest to become the shopping app for 2024
  • More in-person experiences
  • Video-based searches

What’s going to change on LinkedIn in 2024?

What's going to change on LinkedIn in 2024?

In 2024 we predict that we’ll see a focus shift of its AI usage towards enhancing the in-app experience and improving content matching and discovery in the app.

More AI to boost engagement

LinkedIn users will already know that generative AI is heavily featured in the app – including profile summaries, feed post prompts, job descriptions, collaborative articles, and more. 

In 2024 we predict that LinkedIn will continue to shift its focus towards more AI usage to enhance the in-app experience while improving the algorithm and content shown. This should help to increase engagement, growth, and success.

Virtual Events & Streams

Regarding virtual events and video streams, we believe LinkedIn will lean into this more in 2024. Videos will continue to be very powerful on LinkedIn so it’s key that as creators, we are sharing valuable video content across LinkedIn!

LinkedIn Predictions At A Glance

  • More generative AI
  • Improvement of content matching
  • Video content will increase growth, engagement & success
  • More virtual events & streams

How we think TikTok will change in 2024

Shopping & commerce with “Nearby” features

Two words for you to remember for TikTok in 2024: TikTok Shop!

TikTok will be pushing users to shop in the app more than ever. TikTok has already successfully branched into new commerce areas, including food delivery. But the one that TikTok will push the most, in our opinion, is local services. This will boost local and “near you” style commerce. These will be assisted by a local content feed that will highlight videos from local users to businesses.

You may already be seeing a “nearby” content feed on your app if it is up to date. If not – watch this space for that one!

AI generative tools for content creation and engagement

While generative AI is not a new thing on TikTok, there are a few things to be aware of in 2024.

Right now in your app, you’ll be able to use features like text-to-video translation tools and AI profile images. But in 2024, there will be a much bigger push towards using AI. We believe that this will include more text-to-video tools that will allow users to post wholly AI-generated videos – we can’t wait to start seeing that trend and what creators do with it!

We also predict that there will be an expansion of its AI chatbot which is currently being tested in selected markets.

Chatbots for in-app engagement

Chatbots have not had a revolutionary effect on social media apps, thus far. But they can serve a functional purpose and ensure that users are kept watching, engaging, and swiping. 

A chatbot linked to TikTok trends can help facilitate user experience and boost things like product discovery. We predict that this will be rolled out during 2024.

TikTok Predictions At A Glance

  • “Nearby” shopping features to boost local businesses
  • More AI generative tools
  • More chances to boost engagement
  • Introduction & testing of chatbots

How to be successful on socials in 2024

If you *do nothing* else in 2024 on your social media platforms, do this: video, video, video.

Luckily, it’s not a new concept and plenty of creators have already successfully pivoted their content to be more video-focused. 

Video content will be pushed and prioritised across all social media platforms in 2024 and integrated in new ways across platforms like LinkedIn. It’s key that you evolve your video content to offer value, have clear calls to action, and give your audience what they want. 

We also believe that it is important to repurpose video content, hooks and captions to match each social media platform.

Now you’re ready for a social 2024

As we conclude our exploration of the 2024 social media landscape, it’s clear that the future holds infinite possibilities for creators. The key to leveraging these opportunities lies in embracing change, staying adaptable, and continuously innovating. Remember, social media is more than just a platform – it’s a dynamic canvas where your creativity can spark connections, inspire conversations, and drive growth.

So, here’s to a year of groundbreaking content and unprecedented engagement! Creators, 2024 is yours for the taking – let’s make it count!


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