Affiliate case study: this blogger earned £1.2k+ commission from one brand referral

In this case study we show you how one blogger earned over £1200 from one brand referral - and how you can too...


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Affiliate case study: this blogger earned £1.2k+ commission from one brand referral

One of Get Blogged’s missions is to provide initiatives for the blogging community to earn an income doing what they love. So our own affiliate scheme is just one of the ways bloggers can monetise their audience. In this case study we show you how one blogger has earned over £1200 from one brand referral – and how you can too!

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Turning blogging connections into a passive income stream with Get Blogged’s affiliate programme

Get Blogged is a marketplace platform where brands come to find bloggers and influencers to help promote their products and services. Whilst Get Blogged already has a steady stream of brands and campaigns, we operate an affiliate programme to help grow the number of brands and opportunities on our marketplace.

So, with that said, every blogger who joins Get Blogged is issued with a referral link and the opportunity to get paid commission whilst helping us grow our brand community.

Forget those affiliate schemes that only pay out once, or where the commission rate drops after the first sale. The Get Blogged scheme aims to provide affiliates with an income for the life of the brand.

So, in practical terms that means that there are various commission triggers over the brand lifecycle explained below:

Get Blogged Affiliate Plans

Commission triggerPlan 5Plan 10Plan 15Super
Verified brand signup£5.00£2.50Application only
Approved blogging campaign£5.00£5.00Application only
Approved collaboration5%10%15%Application only

How does the Get Blogged affiliate scheme work?

Everyone starts on Plan 5, which would work as follows:

  1. You refer a brand that signs up to Get Blogged for free and then verifies their email address (that’s your first £5 earned.)
  2. The referred brand creates a campaign for free, then Get Blogged approves it and it gets advertised in the Get Blogged Marketplace (that’s another £5 earned.)
  3. The referred brand hires a blogger and you earn 5% of the amount the brand paid the blogger. (For example, if the brand paid the blogger £100, you earn £5.)

But the opportunity to earn doesn’t end there. Brands hire an average of 2 bloggers per campaign, so in the example above, you would have earned £20 from that one brand referral.

The real magic happens when the brand comes back to run more campaigns and collaborate with more bloggers over a longer period of time.

We have an incredible retention rate for brands; they use Get Blogged for an average of 6 – 9 months of the first year they sign up. Also, brands typically increase their budgets month after month once they realise how incredible blogger marketing is.

How this blogger earned over £1.2k from one brand referral

In September 2021, our savvy affiliate decided to leverage their existing brand partnerships and referred a brand to Get Blogged. This simple action led to a fantastic outcome that keeps giving – £1270 in commissions and counting!

But let’s break down exactly how this happened.

As you’ve discovered above, Get Blogged operates an outstandingly generous commission plan. The moment the affiliate’s referred brand created an account, they started earning money. But the earning potential didn’t stop there. Each time the brand launched a campaign or collaborated with bloggers, our affiliate continued to earn a commission.

This brand was no one-hit-wonder. So far they have run an impressive 43 campaigns on Get Blogged, collaborating with 138 bloggers. This ongoing activity set up a continuous flow of commissions to our affiliate’s pocket month after month.

The key takeaway here is that with Get Blogged’s affiliate programme, you’re not just making a quick buck. You’re building a long-term income stream. It’s like planting a seed and watching it grow into a money tree!

Here’s a breakdown of how the affiliate commission was earnt during 2022 and 2023:

Because I love a table, this is a breakdown of how the commission events contributed to the overall earnings for this one affiliate who is on Plan 5:

Commission eventsCommission per event (Plan 5)Earnings

Build a passive income stream with the Get Blogged affiliate programme

Already have a relationship with brands? Perfect! Using the referral code in your Get Blogged dashboard, point them to Get Blogged where they can find more talented bloggers like you. It’s a win-win situation – the brand finds quality content creators, and you get rewarded each time they collaborate.

This case study is a shining example of the passive income opportunities available as a Get Blogged affiliate. It’s straightforward, jargon-free, and accessible to any blogger with a desire to make their hard work pay off in more ways than one.

So, why not give it a shot? You might just end up being our next success story! If you’re inspired to get involved, either sign up below or sign in as a blogger, and visit the affiliate area to get started.


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