August Awareness Days: Inspiration For Creator Marketing Campaigns

In this article, we show you how to effectively utilise August's awareness days in your influencer marketing campaigns...


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August Awareness Days: Inspiration For Creator Marketing Campaigns

As we wave goodbye to July and welcome the warmth of August, it’s time to explore some key awareness days that can inspire your creator marketing campaigns. August is brimming with unique events and observances that offer a fresh perspective for content creation and marketing strategies.

From celebrating International Cat Day (August 8th) which can purr-fectly align with pet-related brands, to World Photography Day (August 19th) offering a chance to collaborate with photography and tech brands, to the fun and whimsical National Plum Day (August 24th) opening opportunities for food bloggers and kitchen appliance brands – there’s something for everyone.

Even Cycle To Work Day (August 4th) can be leveraged by wellness, travel, or lifestyle creators, while Comic Book Day (August 7th) is an excellent opportunity for literary bloggers to collaborate with publishers or book retailers.

Let’s explore what August has in store for marketers and brands working with creators to increase reach and uncover new audiences and fans.

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August Awareness Days

Jul 22 – Aug 6: National Marine Week (UK)

Jul 28 – Aug 6: Love Parks Week (UK)

Aug 1 – Aug 7: World Breastfeeding Week (int.)

Aug 1 – Aug 31: National Fishing Month (UK) 

Aug 1: Yorkshire Day (UK)

Aug 2: National Night Out (USA)

Aug 3: Playday (UK)

Aug 4: Coast Guard Day (USA)

Aug 4: Cycle To Work Day (UK)

Aug 5: Oyster Day (Int.)

Aug 6: Mustard Day (UK)

Aug 7: Free Comic Book Day (USA)

Aug 7 – Aug 13: Afternoon Tea Week (UK)

Aug 8 – Aug 14: Allotments Week (UK)

Aug 8: Cat Day (Int.)

Aug 8: CBD Day (Int.)

Aug 9: Opportunity Day (UK)

Aug 12: The Thoughtful Traveller Day (UK)

Aug 12: Youth Day (Int.)

Aug 13: Left Handers Awareness Day (int.)

Aug 13: Prosecco Day (UK)

Aug 16: Airborne Day (USA)

Aug 16: Northern Christmas Week (Int.)

Aug 18: Never Give Up Day (Int.)

Aug 19: World Humanitarian Day (Int.)

Aug 19: World Photo Day (Int.)

Aug 24: Plum Day (UK)

Aug 25: Banana Split Day (UK)

Aug 27: Petroleum Day (UK)

Aug 28: Makaton Awareness Day (Int.)

Aug 28: Bow Tie Day (UK)

Aug 30: Toasted Marshmallow Day (UK)

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Creative ideas to leverage August Awareness Days in your creator marketing campaigns

Cycle To Work Day creator campaign ideas

“Bike and Breakfast” Challenge

For this campaign, partner with health and fitness influencers who can motivate their followers to take up cycling to work. Here’s how it could work:

  • Influencers start by sharing their own experiences of biking to work, the benefits they’ve observed, and how it aligns with a healthy lifestyle.
  • They then challenge their followers to join them in a “Bike and Breakfast” challenge. The idea is to cycle to work (or as part of their daily routine for remote workers) and share a picture of their healthy breakfast post-ride.
  • Participants can share their pictures on social media using a unique hashtag like #BikeAndBreakfastChallenge.
  • The brand can offer discounts or special offers to those who participate in the challenge, encouraging more people to get involved.

“Cycle Chic” fashion creator collaboration

This campaign is ideal for fashion or accessory brands that sell bike-friendly clothing or accessories. Collaborate with fashion influencers to showcase how you can cycle to work and still be stylish. Here’s the outline:

  • Influencers create content where they put together fashionable yet practical outfits suitable for cycling. They can also show off accessories like stylish helmets, gloves, or backpacks that the brand offers.
  • They share these looks on their blog or social media platforms, tagging the brand and using a specific campaign hashtag like #CycleChic.
  • To engage their followers, influencers can host a “Cycle Chic” contest where followers submit their own fashionable cycling outfits for a chance to win prizes from the brand.

Both campaigns not only promote the brand and its products but also encourage a healthier lifestyle and eco-friendly transportation.

CBD Day creator campaign ideas

CBD Day creator campaign ideas

CBD Wellness Journey campaign idea

In this campaign, wellness and lifestyle influencers can share their personal experiences with CBD products over a set period. They can document the effects on their sleep, stress levels, or overall well-being, providing honest reviews of your brand’s CBD products.

“CBD in My Day” campaign idea

Food or fitness bloggers can incorporate your CBD products into their daily routines and create content around it. This could be adding CBD oil to their morning smoothies, post-workout snacks, or bedtime rituals. They can share recipes, workout routines, or relaxation techniques featuring your products.


Partner with health experts or influencers who use CBD regularly for a live Q&A session on social media. They can debunk common myths, discuss the benefits and potential side effects of CBD, and answer questions from the audience. This can help educate consumers and build trust in your brand.

CBD Giveaway Contest

Influencers can host a giveaway contest where participants have a chance to win a CBD care package from your brand. To enter, followers might need to like the post, follow your brand, and tag friends in the comments. This can boost engagement and increase your brand’s visibility.

Remember, transparency is key in any CBD-related campaign. Ensure all claims about the benefits of CBD are backed by research and that influencers advise their followers to consult healthcare professionals if needed.

Northern Christmas Week creator campaign ideas

Northern Christmas in August is a celebration held in the southern hemisphere, particularly in Australia, where people recreate the festive holiday atmosphere with all the traditional trimmings in the cooler month of August, mimicking the cold weather experienced during Christmas in the northern hemisphere.

Christmas in August Home Décor Makeover

Partner with home décor and lifestyle influencers to create a “Christmas in August” themed home makeover. Influencers can showcase your brand’s products as they transform their space into a festive wonderland and share the process on their blogs and social media platforms.

“Festive Summer” Fashion Series

Work with UK fashion influencers to put together a “Festive Summer” fashion series. They can combine the colour schemes and sparkle of Christmas with summer trends to create unique outfits, showcasing your brand’s products. This campaign could include photoshoots, fashion hauls, or even a Christmas-themed summer lookbook video.

“Holiday Feast” Recipe Collaboration

Collaborate with food bloggers for a “Holiday Feast” recipe collaboration. They can create traditional Christmas recipes with a twist, using ingredients or kitchen gadgets from your brand. This could be a series of blog posts or cooking videos, featuring everything from appetisers to desserts.

Each campaign can incorporate giveaways or special promotions to further engage the audience and drive sales. Remember to create a unique hashtag for each campaign to track engagement and user-generated content.

Campaign ideas for The Thoughtful Traveller Day

Campaign ideas for The Thoughtful Traveller Day

Responsible Travel Diaries campaign idea

This campaign involves partnering with travel bloggers who are passionate about sustainable and responsible tourism. These influencers can share their “Responsible Travel Diaries” – a series of blog posts, vlogs, or social media updates showcasing their travel experiences while highlighting how they made thoughtful choices during their journey.

They could feature local businesses they supported, eco-friendly practices they adopted, or cultural traditions they respected. Throughout the content, they can incorporate your brand’s products or services, demonstrating how they contribute to a more responsible travel experience.

Thoughtful Traveller Challenge

For this campaign, collaborate with influencers to launch a “Thoughtful Traveller Challenge”. The challenge would encourage followers to commit to one responsible travel action during their next trip. This could range from using reusable water bottles (if you’re a brand selling such products) to booking accommodations that follow sustainable practices (if you’re a travel booking platform) to car hire companies.

Influencers can kick off the challenge by sharing their commitment and encouraging followers to share their pledges using a designated hashtag. This not only promotes your brand but also contributes to a greater cause.

Spotlight on Local’ campaign idea

This campaign aims to spotlight local businesses or artisans in popular travel destinations. Collaborate with travel bloggers to create content that highlights these local gems and tells their stories. If your brand offers locally sourced or inspired products, influencers can showcase these items in their content, linking back to the positive impact supporting local can have.

All these campaigns not only help promote the brand but also align with the ethos of ‘The Thoughtful Traveller Day’, making travel more sustainable and conscious.

National Fishing Month campaign ideas, throughout August

National Fishing Month campaign ideas, throughout August

“Catch of the Day” for a Fishing Gear Brand

This campaign involves collaborating with outdoor lifestyle or fishing influencers. They can share their fishing adventures using your brand’s gear, highlighting the quality and effectiveness of your products. Each post or blog could feature a “Catch of the Day”, showcasing the fish they caught using your gear.

To encourage audience engagement, influencers can host a “Catch of the Day” contest where followers submit photos of their own catches using your brand’s gear for a chance to win prizes.

Campaign Idea 2: “From Sea to Table” for a Seafood Restaurant or Food Brand

Partner with food bloggers or chefs who enjoy fishing. They can create content around catching fish and preparing a meal with it, featuring your brand’s products in the process. This could be a cooking ingredient, a seasoning, or even a dining experience at your seafood restaurant.

To make it more interactive, these influencers could host a virtual cook-along or share recipes for followers to try at home. They could also encourage followers to share their own “From Sea to Table” experiences, creating user-generated content for your brand.

Each campaign not only promotes the respective brands but also aligns with the celebration of National Fishing Month, underscoring the joy of fishing and the culinary delights it can provide.

Ideas for influencer campaigns for Allotments Week

Allotments Week

“Green Thumb Diary” campaign for a Gardening Supply Brand

In this campaign, partner with gardening influencers or bloggers who have their own allotments. They can document a week in their allotment using your brand’s gardening tools and supplies, sharing tips and tricks, progress updates, and the joys of growing their own food.

They could host a “Green Thumb Challenge”, encouraging followers to share their own gardening progress using a designated hashtag and potentially winning some of your brand’s products.

Farm-to-Table Recipes for a Food or Kitchenware Brand

Collaborate with food bloggers who also enjoy gardening. They can create “Farm-to-Table” recipes using produce from their allotment and your brand’s products. This could be showcasing how they use your brand’s kitchenware to prepare the meal or incorporating your food products into their recipes.

They could share these recipes on their blog or social media platforms, encouraging followers to try them out and share their own farm-to-table creations.

Both campaigns celebrate the spirit of Allotments Week, promoting the benefits of growing your own food while also showcasing the brand’s products in a practical and engaging way.

The benefits of collaborating with bloggers and influencers

  1. Increase Brand Visibility and Awareness: Collaborating with influencers can help brands reach a larger audience, especially if the influencer has a significant following. Bloggers and influencers can introduce your brand to their audience, increasing your brand’s reach and visibility.
  2. Boost Credibility and Trust: Influencers have built relationships, trust, and credibility with their audience. When they promote a product or service, their audience is likely to trust their recommendation, which in turn builds the brand’s credibility.
  3. Enrich Content Strategy: Influencers create high-quality, engaging content. By collaborating with them, brands can enrich their own content strategy and leverage the creativity of these influencers.
  4. Reach Target Audience Effectively: Bloggers and influencers often have a specific demographic of followers. Brands can choose to work with influencers who align with their target audience, ensuring that their marketing message reaches those most likely to be interested in their products or services.
  5. Increase Sales: An endorsement from a trusted influencer can lead to an increase in sales as followers are more likely to purchase products recommended by an influencer they trust.
  6. Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy: Compared to traditional advertising methods, influencer marketing can be more cost-effective. It involves leveraging the influencer’s existing platform and audience, reducing the need for extensive and expensive ad campaigns.
  7. Opportunity to Learn More About Your Audience: Collaborating with influencers can also provide brands with valuable insights about their customer’s preferences, interests, and behaviours, helping them refine their marketing strategies.
  8. Boost SEO: When influencers link to your brand’s website in their content, it can improve your site’s search engine ranking, making it easier for potential customers to find you online.
  9. Improve Brand Perception: Influencers can help shape how their followers perceive your brand. A positive review or endorsement from a respected influencer can enhance your brand’s reputation.
  10. Drive Traffic to Your Website or Store: Influencers can direct their followers to your website or physical store, leading to increased traffic and potential sales.

Launch your August creator campaigns with Get Blogged

August presents a wealth of opportunities for brands to breathe fresh life into their marketing campaigns. From Photo Day to Allotments Week, and even the more niche events like The Thoughtful Traveller Day, there’s an abundance of awareness days that can be leveraged to create engaging, impactful collaborations with bloggers and influencers.

By tapping into these themes, brands can not only increase their visibility and reach but also foster stronger connections with their audience. The key is to choose the right influencers who align with your brand values and have the ability to authentically engage with their followers.

Now it’s your turn to make the most of these August awareness days. Why not start planning your creator campaigns today? With Get Blogged, you can create your August influencer campaigns for free. It’s a platform designed to simplify the process of finding and collaborating with bloggers and influencers. Don’t let this August pass you by – start creating your campaign on Get Blogged today!


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