Bloggers influence steady growth for a local and national dating company



A content creator for 12+ years; Lucy is also one of the co-founders of Get Blogged.

Bloggers influence steady growth for a local and national dating company

Local dating has recently become the key to finding love online. A well-known UK-based entrepreneur and owner of multiple local dating sites has used Get Blogged to turn the disadvantages of the global pandemic into a success story. 

Online dating, pre-COVID, was all about chatting online with the end goal of meeting face to face and building a relationship. When the pandemic hit and the luxury of meeting someone new was stopped, this entrepreneur pivoted his business.

The aim was to increase the brand recognition and awareness of some of his top dating site brands as well as increase his leads and conversions on specific location-based sites.

While working with Get Blogged, his entire portfolio saw vast collective increases in organic traffic within 60 days. What started as an acid test with one or two dating sites evolved into a successful influencer marketing campaign with over 50 online dating sites.

This brand has worked with us closely, briefing our account managers to create the most engaging dating and relationships content placements over the past year.

The results of this dedicated, and consistent blogging campaign have so far been hugely successful. Organic rankings for targetted keywords saw lucrative ROIs. On large dating site has outranked one of the most popular dating sites in the world, all with clever link building. 

Get Blogged content placement subscriptions have made it easy for this brand to connect with as many bloggers as they wanted – all in one place. Long-term connections and collaborations were created and successful content placements and social media promotions were established.

Get Blogged was vital to the success of these local dating sites. Without our huge blogger database, quick deadline turnarounds, and trust within our community, this brand would not have seen half of the success achieved.


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