The 10 Best Podcasts for Bloggers, Influencers, & Content Creators

The world of blogging is constantly evolving, so how do you make sure that your knowledge is up to scratch? These podcasts give you a regular dose of industry insight, education, and inspiration.


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The 10 Best Podcasts for Bloggers, Influencers, & Content Creators

The world of blogging, influencer marketing, and content creation are constantly changing and evolving, and what might have been considered best practice just a couple of years ago could be dangerously out of date right now.

So what’s the best way to learn from the experts, keep your knowledge sharp, and get the best insights into what’s really working today?

Well, podcasts for bloggers are up there amongst the very best options.

They’re usually entirely free, they’re easy to listen to on the go, and wherever you are in your blogging journey, there’s almost definitely a podcast out there that can give you what you need.

Whether you want to finally master SEO, make your affiliate marketing more profitable, create and launch your first online course, find a Pinterest strategy that really works, or you just fancy being inspired by bloggers at the top of their game, there’s something for you.

Here’s our roundup of the best podcasts for bloggers, influencers, and content creators…

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1. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income is a weekly series for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and online business owners, and one of the most popular and respected podcasts in its field.

A former architect before being made redundant back in 2008, he’s been supporting his family with his online businesses ever since.

Expect to hear him talk about earning authority online, email marketing, SEO, social media strategies, building traffic, and productivity advice so you can create something awesome without burning out.

He also interviews an impressive range of industry leaders, including Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, and Ramit Sethi.

Check out this episode from the archives to get you started: 5 Different Affiliate Marketing Strategies I Use

2. Side Hustle Show

Nick Loper used to work full-time for a massive corporation and built his business on evenings and weekends. He believes you can do the same, and shares advice and inspirational stories on his Side Hustle Show podcast.

Though he covers much more than blogging, it’s clear that building websites holds a special place in his heart, and his Blogging Mixtape is a binge-worthy series of episodes featuring lessons from some of the best content creators in the business.

Check out this episode from the archives to get you started: Small Blog, Big Income: Recurring Revenue From A Low Traffic Site

3. ProBlogger

Darren Rowse, the brains behind ProBlogger, has produced over 280 episodes covering everything from diversifying your blogging income, to driving huge amounts of traffic via Pinterest, to writing tips with the power to explode your readership.

He also runs a freelance jobs board, a photography blog with over 5 million monthly views, and popular events and conferences.

Check out this episode from the archives to get you started: How To Build Authority & Influence With Your Audience

4. Online Marketing Made Easy

Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy dives deep into juicy subjects such as growing engagement in your Facebook Group, email list growth strategies, overcoming imposter syndrome, and how to build a loyal audience that just can’t get enough of your content.

Amy’s well known in the industry for showing creative entrepreneurs how to create, launch, and sell their own courses, so if that’s an avenue you want to explore in the future, many of the episodes will help you to make that a reality.

You can also expect to see plenty of free resources like cheatsheets and blueprints, making the lessons as actionable as possible.

Check out this episode from the archives to get you started: 5 Ways To Create Binge-Worthy Content

5. Food Blogger Pro

Created by Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom, the bloggers behind wildly successful food blog Pinch of Yum, the Food Blogger Pro podcast shares everything they’ve learned over the past 8+ years.

Though it unsurprisingly tailored to food and recipe content creators, the stellar content is mostly applicable to almost every niche imaginable.

You’ll discover how to take better photos (often without any fancy equipment), how to create a generous income from sponsored content, and detailed, practical strategies for improving your SEO.

There’s a new episode every Tuesday.

Check out this episode from the archives to get you started: How To Make $40k In The First Year Of Blogging

6. Ctrl Alt Delete

Bestselling author and host Emma Gannon is the spokesperson for the internet generation, and Ctrl Alt Delete is a podcast for people who’ve looked towards their interests and passions to shape the work they do.

On the surface, it’s a careers podcast, but Emma’s insights into growing up online, embracing creativity, and designing a life that works for you makes it so much more than that. It’s essential and inspiring listening for bloggers who have often questioned the traditional definition of success and want to turn their side hustle into a rewarding career.

Previous guests have included Zoe Sugg and Mrs. Hinch.

Check out this episode from the archives to get you started: On Quitting Your Job & Carving Out A New Path

7. Being Boss

Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson host a weekly podcast for business owners, creatives, and entrepreneurs who are committed to making money doing work they love.

Being Boss dives deep into subjects like branding strategies, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, finding your online creative community, and bringing mindfulness to your work.

It’s a podcast about knowing what you want, and making it happen. Practical business advice is shared with a good dash of humour, and past expert guests have included Marie Forleo and Brené Brown.

Check out this episode from the archives to get you started: Healthy Money Habits With Danetha Doe

8. Theory of Content

Hosted by Mediavine founder Amber Bracegirdle and Alarm Grid marketing director Joshua Unseth, Theory of Content might be lesser known in world of blogging podcasts (at least for now), but that’s in no way a reflection of the ridiculously valuable insights and advice that are shared.

It’s a podcast about how we make content, and if you’re an intermediate to advanced blogger, the practical lessons you’ll learn particularly about SEO and the art of writing exceptional content will put some real fire in your belly in terms of how you can take your site to the next level.

You’ll finish each episode with a better understanding of how Google works, how to handle algorithm updates, and what it takes to create a better, stronger site. When it comes to podcasts for bloggers, this one is unmissable.

Check out this episode from the archives to get you started: Site Audit With Christi Johnstone

9. The Influencer Podcast

Julie Solomon specialises in branding and marketing strategies for influencers, and her podcast explores the ever changing trends in the industry. She takes you behind the scenes with leaders in the field and considers how they engage, persuade, and shape their unique place in their markets.

Topics covered include how to land more brand deals, securing book deals, and living your purpose through refining your message.

Check out this episode from the archives to get you started: What Should I Expect After The First Year In My Side Hustle?

10. Marketing School

Hosted by Neil Patel and Eric Siu, Marketing School has a much broader remit than the business of blogging, but is compelling listening for anyone who wants to hear the stories and lessons of leaders and innovators in the online marketing field.

The episodes are super short at around 6 minutes long, but the beauty of that is that you’re never exposed to any mindless chit chat or filler fluff. You get your nuggets of wisdom in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee. In the show notes, you’ll find three key learning points to take away.

Absorbing the lessons in this podcast will not just give you an edge as a blogger, but sharpen your understanding of the internet marketing industry as a whole, and equip you with skills that you can use in any online business or side hustle that you might explore in the future.

Check out this episode from the archives to get you started: What You Can Learn From Internet Marketers

Learning and growing at every stage of your content creation career is essential if you want to continue to smash your goals, and these podcasts for bloggers can make the process fun, engaging, and productive.

Are there any others that are on your list of favourites?

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