Find out what’s new in our latest Marketplace update [+ 3 awesome hacks]

The 9 latest platform updates empowering you to create better jobs, collaborate faster and get more bang for your buck.


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Find out what’s new in our latest Marketplace update [+ 3 awesome hacks]

For those users who already use our blogger outreach Marketplace solution, you’ll know that it’s a self-service platform built to make your blogger outreach journey easier. Though still in its infancy, The Get Blogged Marketplace has developed greatly over 2021 and our mission over the next few years is to become the go-to solution for blogger outreach.

In order to start on that journey, we have a plan to consistently make improvements to The Marketplace that enhance both a brand’s and blogger’s experience. This week you may have noticed that we updated the platform, so I am here to highlight what’s new!

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What’s new in our latest Marketplace update?

Settle down with a cuppa and take notes, because it’s a big one!

1. You can now access blogger feedback to help you make better choices

It’s important to us to give you the tools to make informed choices on who you hire and work with. It’s also important to us that our blogger and influencer community can make informed choices when working with brands. That’s why we have introduced a new two-way feedback system.

Do I have to give a blogger or influencer feedback?

No… but it’s helping improve other’s experiences if you do take a moment to rate the person you collaborated with.

When and how do I give feedback?

Once you have approved a blogger or influencer’s work on the platform, you will be given the chance to rate them. They will also be able to rate you as a brand too.

Where does the feedback show?

Currently, as we build meaningful data, you will be able to visit feedback on profiles only. It’s our aim to bring a special scoring system into proposals and on jobs in the near future.

2. We’ve connected with the Google analytics API to show you better traffic data

2. We've connected with the Google analytics API to show better traffic data

Site traffic in proposals has been a bit hit and miss in the past, provided to us by a third party traffic estimation service. So that we can provide a much better overview of site traffic, we have integrated with a Google Analytics API. This couldn’t get more accurate, and bloggers are also excited by this one as it means they can show their actual traffic levels.

Where will I see Google Analytics traffic data?

Though it will take a while to filter through (whilst we encourage bloggers to connect their accounts,) the new traffic data can be seen in proposals.

Will every proposal show Google Analytics data?

Not yet. It’s our mission to have the vast majority of active bloggers on the platform connect their profile through the Google Analytics API.

3. It’s now easier to list better jobs

3. It's now easier to list better jobs

We have created a more intuitive job builder which although takes you through a few extra steps, will result in creating better jobs for bloggers and influencers to apply for.

Why is it important for me to post a good blogging job?

If you’re looking for the very best bloggers and influencers for your jobs, then it’s important that you post a well-crafted job. This includes being upfront about exactly how you’d like to collaborate, your budget, any links that you expect to be included and the types of blog category you are interested in.

How do I post a job?

You can do that here (click/press the ‘post a job’ button.) If you need any help, reach out to us at any time.

4. You can now choose different job types in our new job builder

4. You can now choose different job types in our new job builder

For those of you who have been postingjobs in The Marketplace, you will know that we had a ‘one-size-fits-all’ type approach to building jobs. We’ve now added some new job types to the job builder, so brands can be more specific about the type of job they’d like to work with bloggers/influencers on.

What types of jobs can I post?

Under the Blogging category you can create jobs around Sponsored Posts, Link Insertions and Guest Posts. Under the social Media category you can request Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok. If none of the above options suit you, you can choose the Something Else option.

What if I want to post a different job to those you suggest?

Please reach out to us. We’ve made it super-easy to create different job types, so if there is one you think we have missed, let us know and we will see if we can fit it into the workflow for you.

5. You can now define your deliverables up front for smoother collaborations

5. You can now define your deliverables up front for smoother collaborations

Do you have a certain link you’d like a blogger to include in their blog post? Or perhaps you need the blogger to adhere to a specific word count? You can of course add deliverables like that in the free text job description, but we have now added a step to the job builder that collects this information, then checks with the blogger or influencer to make sure the deliverables are all completed during the submission stage. Not only does this process help you complete more accurate collaborations, it cuts down the back and forth with bloggers about specific instructions.

How do I specify a deliverable?

Each new job type includes the ability to define related deliverables such as URL, number of links, anchor text and link type.

Where does a deliverable show on my job?

The deliverables you specify on your job are shown to bloggers and influencers in the description of the job. They help to paint a picture of what is expected of them if they are suitable for your campaign. A mentioned above, we also reiterate the deliverables in the submission stage so that the blogger or influencer manually ticks them off before they submit work.

7. We’re now encouraging every blogger to verify their sites

7. We're now encouraging every blogger to verify their sites

It’s so important to us that we only work with privately owned blogs; absolutely no blogging networks allowed on Get Blogged. We are currently actively encouraging every blogger we work with to verify they own the site/s they have listed in their profile by using a piece of code, or with a new WordPress plugin we recently developed.

Why is site verification important?

We are developing the tools to enable you to make better choices on who you work with. This is one of them. It’s important that you are armed with different data points so that you can rest assured you are spending your budget wisely and making an informed decision. We encourage you to work with those who own their own blog, not with blogging networks.

8. You’ll receive more helpful email notifications

8. You'll receive more helpful email notifications

Our site notifications used to be lacking in information and were generally unhelpful. We have redesigned and rewritten a large proportion of our email notifications so that they are more useful, enabling you to do more, quickly.

9. We’re now faster at appraising your jobs

9. We're now faster at appraising your jobs

When you submit a job, we check it over to make sure everything is present and correct before we start promoting it to our blogging community. We have developed a more intelligent system that allows us to appraise your jobs faster, or provide helpful feedback if your job needs a little tweak.

Why do you disapprove some jobs?

It’s important that all jobs on our platform meet certain standards. Jobs that get disapproved are usually lacking in description (i.e. just a few words), or it’s not fully clear what is expected of bloggers. We will always guide you through the process of creating great blogging jobs.

How do I edit a disapproved job?

It’s easy to edit any job. There is a simple ‘edit job’ button on all jobs which allows you to edit any of the details. When you save your job it gets resubmitted for us to check over.

Can I get support to list a job that will attract lots of great proposals?

We’ve approved thousands of jobs this year already, and we also run campaigns for other brands, so we have a lot of experience in creating proposal-grabbing jobs. Just let us know if we can help you at any time. We’re always happy to help you vraft the perfect job that bloggers and influencers can’t resist!

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3 new Marketplace hacks to make your life easier

3 new Marketplace hacks to make your life easier

So you’ve read through the 9 amazing updates to The Get Blogged Marketplace, but that’s not all. Here are three super-helpful Get Blogged Marketplace hacks we’ve developed to make your blogger outreach journey easier!

Hack 1: Now you have access to your draft jobs

Any jobs you didn’t submit for any reason in the past are accessible in the new ‘draft’ filter (on the left-hand filters menu in The Marketplace.) Jobs that haven’t been approved yet also sit here until they go live.

Hack 2: You can fund your account via invoice instead of PayPal

We realise that not every business has access to, or wants to use a PayPal account to fund their account in order to make hires in The Marketplace. So if you need to fund your account via invoice at any time, let us know the amount and we will send you an invoice. As soon as payment has been received our end, we will manually fund your account with the dosh so that it’s accessible to use on your hires.

In practical terms, this feature means that we’ve made it super easy for any brands who need to steer clear of sites that they have worked with before.

To some link builders, it’s important that they only place a link once per site. We’ve made it easy to see which blogs a brand has worked with before.

If you’ve been using The Marketplace for a while now, and link history is important to you, just let us know and we will be happy to retrospectively add the data so that link history applies to your entire job history.

When viewing proposals, you will see a little link icon if you have worked with that site before.

Stay tuned for our next Marketplace update

That’s all for now, folks. I outlined the 9 latest platform updates empowering you to create better jobs, collaborate faster and get more bang for your buck.

As I mentioned at the start of this update, in our quest to become the world’s best blogger outreach solution we will continue to share what we are planning, but we also ask you to let us know what you would love to see on the platform! We love feedback; it helps us grow, and gives us a warm feeling inside knowing we’ve helped you reach your goals.

Feel free to post a comment below, or email us your thoughts.


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