How To Accelerate Your Blog Traffic: Key Takeaways From The Live Event

We sponsored the recent Bloglancer event revealing strategies you can use to skyrocket your blogging traffic. Here's what the expert hosts shared...


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How To Accelerate Your Blog Traffic: Key Takeaways From The Live Event

We all know that the past six months have been hugely challenging for bloggers and content creators, and that more people than ever before are getting serious about building a successful and profitable blog that provides them with a reliable income.

Here at Get Blogged, we’ve been committed to helping our content creators wherever we can, and giving them access to industry leading knowledge to help them to improve their skills, explore various monetisation strategies, and ultimately give them the peace of mind that comes with being confident in your abilities to earn a good income from your website.

So we were excited to be able to sponsor another live event, revealing how you can accelerate your blog traffic. We made ten tickets available for those who might not otherwise be able to afford it, and we were honoured to be able to make this small gesture to support the blogging community.

Hosted by Jenna Farmer of The Bloglancer, Neesha Rees of Reinventing Neesha, and Kacie Morgan of The Rare Welsh Bit, the session was a deep dive into practical strategies you can use to attract more high quality visitors to your site each and every month, and effectively monetise that extra traffic.

If you missed out, you’ll be pleased to know that you can still grab your recording of the session right here.

Here are some of the key takeaways…

How To Create Content That People Want To Read

Attracting traffic to your blog always has to start with carefully considering the type of content you create. If you miss this vital step, then you’ll find it extremely hard to get results from any of the strategies you might explore.

Some of the advice shared included:

  • The importance of taking a step back and asking yourself objectively about what people are searching for, what they’re typing into search engines, and the questions that they’re asking that they need your help to answer
  • Why roundup posts are a useful way to create more content that’s going to be valuable for your readers
  • The value of being amongst the very first to write about new trends

Using Pinterest To Drive Traffic

Pinterest can be a huge source of traffic, but Jenna, Neesha, and Kacie all acknowledged that it can take a lot of time and effort to really make this work for you!

They explored:

  • Why niching your boards is vital if you want to stand out and create results
  • The key metrics to use so you can work out how to best spend your time on Pinterest
  • Using Tailwind versus manual pinning
  • Using Etsy to find templates to make life easier when creating eye-catching pins that people want to click on

Using SEO To Drive Traffic

In this part of the session, Kacie lifted the lid on her own SEO strategy, which has seen her blog go from 81,000 to 112,000 monthly page views.

She discussed:

  • Why it’s vital to look at competition as well as search volume when carrying out keyword research, so you can target keywords that you have a good chance of ranking for
  • Using Keysearch to develop your SEO strategy
  • How to optimise your posts, and where you should be including your chosen keywords

Turning Traffic Into Bigger Profits

Growing your traffic is the means to an end, and once you begin to see your visitors increase, it’s time to get strategic about how you’re translating page views into extra revenue for your site.

This section of the presentation included:

  • Neesha’s best advice for making money with affiliate marketing, including optimising your top posts and finding the best affiliate networks to work with
  • Selecting display advertising networks, from Mediavine to Ezoic, and what to expect in terms of revenue
  • Kacie’s top tips for being invited on press trips, including how this can work if you’re not a travel blogger, and why this is still an avenue to explore even during the pandemic

Whether you’re completely new to blogging and are looking to attract your first visitors, or you’re a seasoned professional who’s hoping to take things up a notch, the session included tons of practical strategies and advice that you can implement right away.


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