Affiliate case study: how one blogger earned £600+ commission from one brand referral

In this case study we show you how one blogger affiliate has earned over £600 from one brand referral to Get Blogged and how you can too...


A content creator for 12+ years; Lucy is also one of the co-founders of Get Blogged.

Affiliate case study: how one blogger earned £600+ commission from one brand referral

The Get Blogged affiliate scheme has been running an affiliate scheme with bloggers since March 2021. One of Get Blogged’s missions is to provide initiatives for the blogging community to earn an income doing what they love. So our affiliate scheme is just one of the ways bloggers can monetise their audience. In this case study we show you how one blogger has earned over £600 from one brand referral and how you can too!

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Why the Get Blogged affiliate scheme is different

Forget those affiliate schemes that only pay out once, or where the commission rate drops after the first sale. The Get Blogged scheme aims to provide affiliates with an income for the life of the brand.

So, in practical terms that means that there are various commission triggers over the brand lifecycle explained below:

Get Blogged Affiliate Plans

Commission triggerPlan 5Super
Verified brand signup£2.50Application only
Approved blogging job£5.00Application only
Successful hire10%Application only

How does the Get Blogged affiliate scheme work?

Everyone starts on Plan 5, which would work as follows:

  1. Affiliate refers a brand who signs up to Get Blogged for free then verifies their email address (£2.50 earned.)
  2. The referred brand creates a blogging job for free, then Get Blogged approves it and it gets advertised in the Get Blogged Marketplace (another £5.00 earned.)
  3. The referred brand hires a blogger and the affiliate earns 10% of the amount the brand paid the blogger. (For example, if the brand paid the blogger £100, the affiliate earns £10.00.)

But it doesn’t end there. Brands hire an average of 3 bloggers per blogging job, so in the example above, the average affiliate would have earned £25 from that one brand.

OK, OK, I realise I am not selling it YET. But read on…

The magic happens when the brand comes back to post more jobs and hire more bloggers over a number of months.

We have an incredible retention rate for brands; they use Get Blogged between 6 – 9 months of the first year they sign up. That’s not all, because brands typically increase their budgets month after month once they realise how incredible blogger marketing can be as a tactic for increasing business.

That’s what I am here to show to in this amazing case study.

How one blogger affiliate earned over £600 from one brand referral

The case study we have here is an incredible story of one blogger who referred just one brand. The brand has been using Get Blogged for over 8 months now to help grow their business and there is no sign of stopping.

We work closely with this brand (and most brands for that matter,) to bring campaign inspiration and authentic bloggers their way. The brand we’ve highlighted here typically posts around 5 or 6 new campaigns a month, then hires between 6 and 10 bloggers from those campaigns.

This income stream has been very fruitful because all I had to do was refer one brand and I’ve earned over £600 from that one referal in under a year.

Here’s a breakdown of how the affiliate commission was earnt between Aug 21 and March 22:

How one blogger earned £633.99 commission from one brand referral and there are no signs of stopping.

This is a breakdown of how the commission events contributed to the overall earnings for this one affiliate who is on Plan 10:

Commission eventsCommission rate per eventTotal earnings

We caught up with the affiliate and asked them how they referred this particular brand (names are not disclosed as requested by the affiliate):

Initially, the brand contacted me via email in a cold approach. They wanted to collaborate with me on my blog to place their link on one of my high traffic posts. I obliged of course, and after we worked on that together, they asked me if I knew any other bloggers who they could work with. I took that perfect opportunity to refer Get Blogged. They were thankful for the introduction and signed up to Get Blogged with my affiliate link almost immediately (first cash payment pocketed.) They posted a job (which I also earned commission on) and only a few days after that I started receiving commission for hires they were making on the platform.

For total transparency, and because we love a table, here’s how the commission built up over those 8 months:

DateCommission earned
August 2021£138.75
September 2021£25.00
October 2021£49.42
November 2021£59.60
December 2021£104.39
January 2022£116.07
February 2022£134.20
March 2022£135.49
Affiliate income from one brand per month between August 2021 and March 2022

This affiliate didn’t stop with the one brand referral, they built a simple system to convert their blogging clients to a Get Blogged clients, and it’s building an income stream that continues to pay out as mentioned below:

So far I have referred 8 brands to Get Blogged, and 3 of them have campaigns live at the moment. I earn around £200 a month in commission from Get Blogged and I really value our partnership. The paid blogging opportunities I pick up on Get Blogged are brilliant too.

How to build a passive income stream with Get Blogged

If you’ve got a blog or engaged social networks you can start to refer brands immediately. There are no hoops to jump and no complicated forms; we’ve set a very low barrier entry. With all affiliate schemes, some initial legwork has to be undertaken, but we have lots of tools, templates and support to help you with that.

The reason I love the Get Blogged affiliate scheme is that it’s an incredibly easy way to boost my income. By leveraging my past and present brand collaborations and placing adverts on key areas of my blog, I’ve built a low effort revenue stream.

If you’re inspired to get involved, either sign up below or sign in as a blogger, and visit the affiliate area to get started.


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