34 Best Chronic Illness Blogs [+16 New Entries For 2022]

A roundup of the best chronic illness blogs that are helping and inspiring their readers.


A content creator for 12+ years; Lucy is also one of the co-founders of Get Blogged.

34 Best Chronic Illness Blogs [+16 New Entries For 2022]

Each and every day here at Get Blogged, we work with a massively varied selection of bloggers who are consistently publishing the best content, inspiring their audiences, and making waves in their respective fields.

When it comes to websites that really make a difference to the lives of their readers, there’s arguably no niche that rivals that of chronic illness bloggers.

What is a chronic illness blog?

Before we dive into the best chronic illness blogs, let’s take a step back to consider what a chronic illness blog actually is.

A chronic illness blog is one which covers topics such as disabilities, chronic conditions, and mental health issues. Some of the conditions discussed may include, but are not limited to, ME, fibromyalgia, IBD, IBS, cancer, and lupus.

These blogs often share the journeys of their owners and the lessons they’ve learned and challenges they’ve overcome along the way, as well as seeking to provide support and solace to those who are battling their own illnesses.

The writers tend to be strongly patient centric, being the voice of the communities that they represent online. Chronic illness blogs are a lifeline for so many, and the communities built around them are positive spaces where readers can be heard, informed, and inspired.

With such strong relationships with their audience, these creators have the power to ensure your brand is introduced to the people who really need it the most. 

There are so many excellent blogs in the niche, and we’ve curated this list of popular, successful blogs that are creating seriously quality content…

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1. Melissa Vs Fibromyalgia

Melissa Reynolds writes at Melissa Vs Fibromyalgia about managing fibromyalgia alongside motherhood. She’s been blogging since she was pregnant with her first child back in 2013 and discovered that specialists struggled to give her the help or information she needed. She shares the lessons she’s learned along the way, with a strong focus on how yoga has transformed the way she manages her illness.

2. A Balanced Belly

Seasoned blogger and freelancer journalist Jenna Farmer runs A Balanced Belly, and shares everything related to gut health and digestive issues. From dairy free breakfast ideas, to honest reviews of supermarket finds, her blog is a must-read for anyone living with a digestive health condition. Jenna’s work has been featured in The Guardian, Metro, Mail Online, and more.

3. Despite Pain

Written by Elizabeth Sirrell, Despite Pain shares coping mechanisms for living with constant pain, and explores ways in which sufferers can continue to lead a happy, fulfilling life. Elizabeth has explored fascinating topics such as how breathing techniques can relieve symptoms, how to improve the quality of your sleep, and how mobility aids can allow you to enjoy the great outdoors.

4. Spooky Mrs Green

Catherine Green writes at Spooky Mrs Green about mindful parenting and modern pagan lifestyle, and often shares how her mindfulness practice helps her to cope with a rare eye disease. Catherine also regularly explores the complexities of mental illness and depression, and is an accomplished author with several series of novels under her belt.

5. Brain Lesion & Me

Rhiann Johns writes honestly and openly about living with Functional Neurological Disorder, chronic pain, and disability at Brain Lesion & Me. Some of her recent posts have covered the parallels between chronic illness and living through a pandemic, finding pride in disability, and how CBD oil can be used to manage pain.

6. Painfully Living

Katie Clark was forced to retire earlier than expected from a 32-year teaching career, which left her figuring out what to do at this new juncture of life. She now writes at Painfully Living about living fully despite living with pain from fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis, IBS, and GERD. Katie particularly enjoys writing about self care, wellness, and finding your purpose, and backs up her experiences with careful research and supporting resources.

7. Looking For The Light

Mel Sandor writes at Looking For The Light about life with multiple illnesses, and talks openly and honestly about her journey. Some of the recent topics she’s tackled include creative projects to help focus the mind, bringing life to your relationships, and how sleep can improve your immunity.

8. Chronically Jenni

Jenni Pettican blogs at Chronically Jenni, and also runs a successful YouTube channel. She writes about all aspects of life with EDS and POTS and her main goal is helping others feel less alone. Jenni share lots of tips, tricks, and hacks that she’s learnt over the years to help with her conditions.

9. Life of Pippa

Pippa Stacey blogs at Life of Pippa about theatre, books, and living your best life with a chronic illness. She has a particular interest in inclusive education and employment, and covers health-related issues with authenticity and humour.


Carrie-Ann Lightley blogs about accessible travel for disabled people, sharing accessibility reviews, disability travel guides, and wheelchair travel tips. The blog aims to encourage and inspire disabled people to travel to, explore, and discover new places.

11. Tales of a Natural Spoonie

Laura Doherty writes at Tales of a Natural Spoonie, and covers trying to live a connected, conscious, and sustainable life with a chronic illness. The blog features a mix of reviews, eco guides, health tips and personal pieces documenting her experiences of living with a chronic illness.

12. The Spoonie Mummy

Natalie Gardner blogs at The Spoonie Mummy about life and parenting with chronic illnesses. She has rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s Disease and an ileostomy among other things, and also writes about her big passion – mental health in the chronically ill. Natalie runs a series called Mental Health Mondays, which talks about all different mental health topics and how they can relate if you are chronically ill.

13. The Sickly Mama

The Sickly Mama is created by Mairead Claydon, and is about life as a new mum with chronic illnesses including pituitary tumor, hyperthyroidism, hypermobility spectrum disorder, post-partum thyroiditis. She covers everything from tips for other parents with chronic illness, to baby and child development, reviews, recipes, and sometimes just plain silliness!

14. My Migraine Life

My Migraine Life is written by Sarah, and is about life with migraine through being a mom, a teacher, and more. Sarah loves to travel, dogs, products reviews, beauty ,and nutrition. The blog shares her personal stories of living life through migraine while fundraising and walking for a migraine non-profit, bringing community together and being honest about the ups and downs of treatment, symptoms and triggers.

15. My Rockin’ Disabled Life

Sarah Lynn writes at My Rockin’ Disabled Life about life with Spina Bifida, chronic migraines, and chronic pain, helping disabled people cope by giving them easy simple hacks that will make their life easier. 

16. Trend-ABLE

Trend-ABLE is a fashion & lifestyle website for people who wear leg braces and have other invisible physical disabilities. It’s owned by Lainie, a social worker, blogger, & highly regarded speaker with over 25 years of experience empowering adolescents and adults to embrace their imperfections, effectively communicate with others, and live confident and happy lives.

17. Toplady Talks

Toplady Talks is all about Lynley Gregory’s coming to terms with becoming disabled at 47 after a spinal fracture. She’s part time wheelchair user and has severe chronic pain, and uses her blog to chart her progress. Lynley is an ex-teacher who loves writing, and uses it to reach out to others in the same place. She writes about disabled travelling, medication, her bad days and her good ones. She says, “It gives me purpose and also gives me a focus, it’s been a tough journey but there is hope and a good life still in front of us all”.

18. The ME/CFS Self-Help Guru

Sharing self-help ideas for those suffering from energy limiting illnesses such as ME, CFS, fibromyalgia, and Lyme disease, Julie Holliday runs The ME/CFS Self-Help Guru with the aim of helping people to lead healthier and happier lives.

19. Anomaly/Anomaly

Olivia O’Sullivan blogs at Anomaly/Anomaly about chronic respiratory and airway conditions, and shares more broadly about life with a rare chronic illness and patient experience. She started blogging to process some of her diagnoses and to find community, bust myths and explore rare respiratory conditions.

20. Lights, Camera, Crohn’s

Natalie Hayden writes at Lights, Camera, Crohn’s about living life with IBD fully and not allowing your disease to rob you of your dreams. From handling the diagnosis, to following your career aspirations, to finding love and family planning…as an IBD mom of 2 who has battled Crohn’s for 15+ years, Natalie shares fresh content every Monday in hopes of being the voice she’s needed to hear along the way. 

21. Live Well Worry Less

At Live Well Worry Less, Rachel Giffin Boulous blogs about how to find hope when you are hurting. She shares the challenges of living with physical/mental illness, and how her faith impacts both. Rachel started the blog when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, PTSD, and IBS. Her goal is to help readers feel validated and learn how to manage their challenges so that they will experience personal healing and life change.

22. Crohnie Mommy

Suzy Burnett writes at Crohnie Mommy about motherhood and Crohn’s disease. It’s a safe place to share stories, connect with others and offer a message of positivity.

23. Megan Elizabeth Lifestyle

Megan Harrison writes at Megan Elizabeth Lifestyle about wellbeing and sustainability, and features her own experience with Crohn’s whilst helping others with chronic illness/mental health struggles to find wellbeing and discover how to live more sustainably.

24. Life in a Breakdown

Life in a Breakdown is the work of Sarah Bailey, and covers both mental and physical health issues, BPD, and trying to break the stigma, alongside raising awareness of keratoconus, ME, and fibromyalgia. Sarah originally started her blog as a way to try and remember the good moments when she was in the midst of a breakdown after yet another diagnosis.

25. Nyxie’s Nook

Chloe Nyx Faulkner writes at Nyxie’s Nook about mental health and wellness, with a particular focus on eating disorders. She’s recently covered subjects such as how mental health can impact gut health, how to unlock creativity as an adult, and how to cope with menstrual cramps.

Free list of chronic illness bloggers

Nikki Albert writes at Brainless Blogger about fibromyalgia and chronic migraine, as well as more general chronic illness and chronic pain topics. She started blogging over a decade ago to just have connection with people. Now, Nikki shares her story, coping strategies, information and anything she think may help others on their journey.

27. At The Heart Of Wellness

Jill DeMasi writes the self care blog At The Heart Of Wellness about managing stress, pain, and mental health. Jill is a massage therapist and certified wellness coach with fibromyalgia, Lyme, and anxiety.

28. dSavannah Rambles

Written by DS George-Jones, dSavannah Rambles is focused on chronic illness, mostly Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, and also advocacy. It attempts to shine a light into the dark places so they no longer have power over us.

29. Invisibly Me

Invisibly Me is written by Caz Homer, covering all things health and lifestyle to empower people to live a visible life, whatever their health. Caz’s blog is her way of connecting with others, raising awareness, providing a little encouragement and helping others feel a little less alone. Her experience of numerous stoma surgeries, chronic pain and various chronic illnesses have made her hugely appreciative of the online community and the support and friendship that she’s found.

30. Chronic Heather

Heather blogs at Chronic Heather about chronic illnesses and disability, her struggles, and raising awareness for health, disability and chronic illness issues.

31. Fed Up With Fatigue

Donna Gregory Burch writes at Fed Up With Fatigue about fibromyalgia, Lyme and chronic fatigue. Her work focuses on the latest research, treatments and tools to help people live better with these conditions.

32. Thriving While Disabled

Thriving While Disabled is the work of Alison Hayes. She writes about creating and living your best possible life while disabled, focusing on making your way through the US social welfare system, managing your medical care (with a focus on communicating with your doctors), and mindset management. Expect to find concrete and useful advice so you can keep your life moving in a healthier direction!

33. Accessible Rach

When she was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis at 51, Rachael Tomlinson could have hidden away. Instead, she took the opportunity to fulfil her ambition of becoming a writer and founded Accessible Rach. Rachael writes insightful blog posts on multiple sclerosis, disability, accessibility, chronic illness, domestic abuse, plus size fashion, and beauty.

34. A Unique Life

Casey Noaz Stanley started her blog A Unique Life as she was coming to terms with her own condition and illness. It then evolved into trying to help others come to terms with their illness. Casey now focuses on fibromyalgia but has a passion for raising awareness of all chronic illnesses.


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