Here’s How To Fix Your Failing Blogger Outreach Strategy

Despite the type of services that blogs avail to companies and brands, there is the possibility of your Blogger Outreach plans failing you. It will only fail you when you have a lazy execution plan. We show you how to overcome this, and create a winning Blogger Outreach strategy.

Here’s How To Fix Your Failing Blogger Outreach Strategy

Blogs are very significant aspects of the internet today, and research shows that they are the third best resource in terms of the kind of influence they hold on digital resources. Providing services to brands and businesses forms part and parcel of the services a blog has to provide. A solid Blogger Outreach strategy is the key to a businesses success, but many fail at the first hurdle. This article shows you where you might be going wrong, and how to remedy this.

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What is blogger outreach?

How to establish the strength of your blogger outreach strategy

First of all, Blogger Outreach is sought out by most businesses due to the fact that it helps to promote campaigns, improve a site’s SEO, and to influence consumers to buy a product or service. If you’re tackling Blogger Outreach yourself, there is the possibility of your strategy failing you. But, what is the reason for this? Your Blogger Outreach strategy will only fail you when you have a lazy execution plan.

1. Have you got the perfect pitch?

Do you have the perfect content idea or product? Great! But… That means nothing if you cannot communicate to a Blogger in the correct way. Therefore, it is essential to first consider a number of things before taking verbal steps towards a blogger.

How does your approach come across?

If you’re emailing from a gmail / hotmail / yahoo email address, consider how this comes across to your target audience. You’re essentially asking someone to trust you but you’re hiding behind an email address that you’ve acquired for free and that doesn’t contain any clues abut who you are.

Is your approach rushed?

Rushing your approach is one reason why your outreach is failing you. This is because most people rush to push their content when they fear their competitors rising through in their position. Therefore, the important thing to note is to always take proper time in working out your requirements to ensure you achieve the goals of your Blogger Outreach strategy.

What does your proposition mean to the blogger?

You absolutely have to consider this question, and ensure you put yourself in the shoes of the recipient. Consider the busy individuals who receive these types of emails on a daily basis. Identify the reasons why your content, products or services best fit what they would want to read and serve to their audience. In addition to this, look into ways to get them to notice your proposition.

Are you demonstrating why your offer is attractive?

Demonstrate that you have taken your time with the content, and/or identified the reasons your products or service needs to be featured on their blog. Therefore, look at similar topics covered, and ways your offer will benefit the Blogger and their audience.

Have you got the format right?

How are you going to send your information to the Blogger? What format is it going to be presented in? Different Bloggers will most likely use different formats, so consider easy delivery.

If it’s an infographic you’d like a Blogger to share, is it hosted online? Is it compressed? Do the dimensions lend themselves to the blog format? Can you read the text on mobile devices? Giving these things some thought up front will save you time going back and forth with a Blogger, and save yourself from looking unprofessional and underprepared.

I frequently receive emails asking to share content on my blog. Paid, and unpaid requests. I read every single pitch, but I am also really busy and have to pick and choose what I respond to. When I start getting chaser emails every few days, I know that it is automated outreach, and I usually ignore the request entirely.

2. Have you considered the costs involved?

Bloggers today have the likelihood of requesting payment in order to share or publish content, and the primary reason for this is that there is a lot of time and money taken into creating killer content.

Most Bloggers don’t work for free. It’s reasonable for a Blogger to request fees to cover their (hosting, time) costs. By keeping this in mind, you’ll save yourself any little surprises. Most Bloggers have media packages with details on the kind of services they provide on their page. Look at them in advance.

No money? In the event that you do not have a budget, you have to be honest from the start. To this end, understand your success rate will be minimal, unless you have a really, really good proposition!

3. Are you pushing irrelevant content?

This is a very common problem. Your content, products and services have to match up to the theme of the blog. For example, if you’re offering a wedding blog the chance to review a new eco cleaning product range, you’ll most likely be knocked back.

4. Have you got a backup plan?

Research was done on a total of 300 bloggers just recently. It showed that one of the main reasons why most outreach emails are ignored is based on the fact that the kind of story being showcased does not fit into the kind of audience that the blog is providing. Bloggers will not always tell you the reason why they don’t like your pitch, but an unanswered email is one basic sign that maybe they did not like your pitch. One thing that can help you increase your chances is being able to suggest different options. The fact that they did not like the previous pitch does not mean that they won’t take note of a different one.

Why Bloggers Aren’t Replying to Your Outreach Email – Research by Search Engine Journal

5. Are your expectations too high?

An unrealistic expectation of a Blogger Outreach strategy is the number one killer of progress. Therefore, compromise is so important when you want the results. Ensure that you take time to build real relationships with the bloggers, and you will reap the rewards. This could mean to take time to follow your target list of Bloggers on their social channels and blogs, engaging with their posts and creating meaningful conversations.

In conclusion, the best Blogger Outreach strategy includes good preparation, which consists of time taken to understanding the blogger and the themes that are shared on their blog. It includes consideration into content themes and forms, and a great belief of why the content, product or service will fit into a Blogger’s life.

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