Why UK Bloggers Are The Best To Work With For Paid Outreach Campaigns

Sophie from Sophiesplussizewonderland.com is here today to tell us Why UK Bloggers Are The Best To Work With For Paid Outreach Campaigns

Why UK Bloggers Are The Best To Work With For Paid Outreach Campaigns

Bloggers are very passionate about writing and love to network within the blogging industry. We bring in brand awareness and give 100 % honest reviews. One of my all-time favourite quotes has to be honesty is the best policy. This is one of the many reasons why UK Bloggers are great to work with on paid campaigns. We are honest, have a great work ethic and we enjoy collaborating, which is lots of fun.

We thoroughly enjoy working with brands and promoting their products. Our loyal followers love to read about brands that they may not have come across before. They trust our opinions. I love introducing brands to my readers. 

If you would like to have a nosey at my blog, head over to www.sophiesplussizewonderland.com My niche includes plus size fashion, beauty, lifestyle, dating, business and technology. 

Bloggers use Marketing Strategies to Engage their Audience

When you choose to work with a blogger on a paid outreach campaign, the blogger’s aim is to use marketing strategies to reach audiences which will drive higher traffic. This can involve posting on social media as well as a blog post.

I use Twitter www.twitter.com/Sophie_OReilly_(or any social media agreed upon with the brand) and post a tweet such as: “Oh my God (@Brand) is having a huge sale on at the moment. I love their (#Product)”. I make sure to tag the brand and use multiple hashtags to engage with more people. In this case I would use #fashion #fashionlovers #plussize #plussizefashion. People seem to love a sale, so you’re more likely to get a few retweets. This will create even more potential customers.

Another fantastic reason to work with UK Bloggers is to build links to boost search engine rankings. When a blogger places a link to your website in a post on their blog search engines see this link as a vote of confidence, which can help your website appear closer to the top in search engine results pages and attract more clicks. As an additional bonus, when the blogger’s audience reads that post and is interested in what you have to offer they will click on your link and have the potential to become a customer.

Communication is Key

Remember, communication is key to building good working relationships with bloggers. You will always find a blogger who will write about your niche. That’s the fabulous thing about working with UK Bloggers. If you have a specific audience you want to target, there will be a blogger out there who will have the same niche audience you wish to attract.

Author: Sophie O’Reilly of sophiesplussizewonderland.com

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