Blogger Of The Month: Hannah MacNeice

This month, we caught up with Hannah MacNeice to find out more about her parenting and lifestyle blog Hannah And The Twiglets, and pick up some expert Instagram tips!


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Blogger Of The Month: Hannah MacNeice

The start of a new month means a few exciting things here at Get Blogged…

It’s time to roll out a whole host of new and exciting blogger assignments, and it’s also time to celebrate one of our fabulous content creators and recognise the hard work they’re putting in to building beautiful websites that keep their readers coming back for more.

This month, I was honoured to be able to catch up with Hannah from Hannah And The Twiglets.

Hannah writes about parenting and lifestyle, and being a first-time parent of twins. She features funny, honest observations on motherhood, ideas for easy crafts and family days out, and useful product and toy reviews.

I was especially eager to get Hannah’s insights into how she’s created such a beautifully colourful and captivating Instagram feed.

Seriously, you need to check out her Instagram – it’ll give you some real photography envy!

Here’s what Hannah had to say…

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Hey! Thanks so much for chatting with us. Tell us a little about you and your blog…

I’m Hannah and I’m a part-time primary school teacher living in Surrey with my husband and 5-year old twins. I write a parenting and lifestyle blog called Hannah And The Twiglets. 

What first inspired you to start a blog?

Blogging began as an outlet for me. When I’d had a really tough day parenting my twins, I’d write about it. It was cathartic for me but I also found that other parents would reach out to me and thank me for making them feel less alone in finding it all flipping hard sometimes! 

Now that my twins are a little older and we are no longer in the hazy days of feeding and changing nappies, or coping with toddler tantrums, my blog has evolved somewhat. I still write honest parenting posts, but also more crafty posts, and reviews of toys and places we love too. 

What exciting experiences and opportunities has blogging brought you?

My blog and Instagram have given me the opportunity to review some awesome products and go on some lovely family days out. A highlight last year was getting to attend the premiere of Andy and the Odd Socks’ TV series in London – it was so much fun!  

You’ve got such a beautiful and colourful Instagram feed! Do you have any tips on taking and editing photographs for Instagram?

Ah thank you! It’s really cheesy but I honestly think the most important thing is to post what makes you happy. Be genuine and find your own style. I often feel like my style isn’t really very ‘Insta’ but I’m happy because I know I’m just being myself. 

In terms of photos, I take most of mine on my Nikon D-SLR. I take them in RAW so I can edit them a bit in camera. My editing style is basically as bright and saturated as I can get away with! I then use VSCO or Lightroom on my phone to edit further – I have a few favourite presets I usually choose from. 

I love colour so most of my photos have some sort of rainbow aspect to them. If a photo isn’t colourful enough for my liking, I sometimes use PicsArt to rainbow it up a bit more!

What have you found works best for you when it comes to growing your Instagram following?

I think having a consistent feed can help. This may not be the case for everyone, but I certainly noticed a difference when I started to focus more on what my feed looked like as a whole.

I would say the main thing though is to engage with other accounts. I know everyone goes on about that word ‘engage’, but it is so important. You really do get out what you put in. 

And comment – don’t just like other photos. It’s all too easy to get stuck into mindlessly scrolling and just giving the odd like. I think commenting on a few photos is a more efficient use of time than just scrolling through lots and not interacting. 

And most importantly, be yourself! 

What are your blogging plans for the next year?

I just really want to keep working on increasing my DA and growing my blog further. One specific thing I want to work on is growing my confidence in terms of pitching to brands – I definitely need to do more of that! 

What’s your favourite and least favourite aspects of blogging?

My favourite aspect of blogging is the actual writing. I’ve always loved writing – it’s so therapeutic! My least favourite aspect is the fact that blogging can be a bit lonely at times! 

What are your favourite ways to monetise your blog?

As yet, I don’t make a huge amount of money from my blog. I just do sponsored ad posts sometimes. Get Blogged is one of my favourite ways of finding campaigns to work on.

Which of your posts have proved to be most popular?

Crafty round-up posts, like this one about colourful toilet roll crafts, tend to be quite popular. Some of my posts during lockdown did quite well too – like this one on annoying things about parenting in lockdown! I think quite a few people could relate! 😉

What other blogs do you love to read, and why?

I like reading a variety of blogs. I love blogs that show the funny side of parenting – like Twins, Tantrums and Cold Coffee and Whinge Whinge Wine😊 I also like ones that provide useful reviews and recipes, like What The Redhead Said

How do you feel about being chosen as Blogger of the Month?

I’m delighted! I feel quite honoured to be honest – thank you 😀

Where can we find you on social media?





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