“Bloggers delivered on time with amazing results” for popular UK beauty brand

A hugely popular UK-based beauty brand has improved its online reputation, brand awareness, and customer engagement with the help of Get Blogged. Here's more about their experience...

“Bloggers delivered on time with amazing results” for popular UK beauty brand

A hugely popular UK-based beauty brand has improved its online reputation, brand awareness, and customer engagement with the help of the Get Blogged blogger outreach platform.

The company took the step to introduce active influencer marketing into their marketing strategy during 2021 and has seen incredible results ever since. Their high-quality products, seasonal campaigns, and willingness to adapt marketing strategies have led to great performance, ongoing successful campaigns, and genuine relationships with some of the UK’s top bloggers and influencers.

A new experience

The COVID pandemic and events of recent years have exponentially changed consumerism in the UK and this company recognised the need to adapt, change and try something new in its marketing strategy in order to grow its online presence.

They recognised the need to connect with their potential customers using the bloggers on the Get Blogged platform.

The platform has been able to deliver on that front, consistently:

The experience of working with the bloggers was fantastic. They delivered on time and with amazing results.

Get Blogged Brand User

An Increase In Brand Awareness and Engagement

One of their main marketing goals when coming on board the Get Blogged blogger outreach platform was to grow their brand awareness. We’re pleased to say that after connecting with over 100 bloggers they reported:

…a real boost in brand awareness. We had more bloggers contact us whenever we published a campaign as they where aware of our projects. So they were very keen to pitch and begin working with us.

Get Blogged Brand User

They were also keen to share their results with us:

There has been an increase in brand engagement as the bloggers we worked with helped us spread the word of our campaigns through their fantastic social media & websites.

Get Blogged Brand User

The benefits of working with bloggers

Get Blogged advocates for the 18,000 bloggers on the platform that straddle many niches from lifestyle to crafting, business to parenting and lots more. We know how wonderful our bloggers are and how beneficial the right blogger/brand pairing can be for brand growth. This feeling is mutual for this company:

Whenever we set a new campaign live, the bloggers provided the best service. It was easy to communicate with them with no delays using the on-site messaging system. They understood the campaigns perfectly and executed them with their amazing creativity.

Get Blogged Brand User

Highlights of using the blogger outreach platform

We strive to deliver the best possible results for all brands and bloggers using the platform. We are proud to be rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot and enjoy working through feedback and pain points to continue to provide the best service we are known for.

When asked what kept bringing this company back to our platform, this was their feedback:

It is very easy to find relevant bloggers to help you achieve the results that you’re looking for.

The team is fantastic! They always make sure that your campaign goes live and is published on time with no delays and problems. The service is 10/10.

We have hugely benefited from using Get Blogged. It has helped us find relevant bloggers to create amazing work for our campaigns and helped us achieve brand awareness.

Reflections & Next Steps

It’s excellent to see that this company has continued to use the Get Blogged Marketplace in their ongoing marketing strategy. They plan to create further campaigns to promote new ranges, promotions and continue to grow their online presence.

We asked this brand why they return to the Get Blogged blogger outreach platform:

The Get Blogged team and the huge pool of bloggers always deliver on time, and it’s so easy to communicate and discuss with them what you’re looking for.

Get Blogged Brand User

We can’t wait to help them grow in 2022! It’s been a pleasure working with them and we look forward to seeing even more success for them this year!


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