Blogger of the Month: A Year Of Amazing Bloggers

Blogger of the Month: A Year Of Amazing Bloggers

What a year it has been. Between multiple lockdowns, a global pandemic, the blogging world fighting back, it’s been a wild ride.

This month, we are celebrating a whole year of the Get Blogged Blogger of the Month!

That’s right. One year ago, we began working closely with bloggers who we love to show off their amazing blogs and ask them all kinds of questions. Our Blogger of the Month series has been massively successful and hugely popular.

Today’s post is dedicated to looking back at a whole of incredible bloggers.

Let’s go back to the very beginning, one whole year ago…

July 2020 Jenna Farmer

We caught up with Jenna as our first ever blogger feature. She told us her thoughts on the future of blogging.

“I feel like newsletters may well be the new blogs; so I really want to be known for a consistent newsletter.”


Jenna is a favourite in the blogging community and her ability to create multiple side hustles is admirable. Here is what she had to say about how she juggles it all:

 “I’ve created 3 ebooks and I really love that consistent, passive income. I still get excited when I see a sale pop up in my inbox.”

Check out Jenna’s blogs here.

August 2020 Charlotte Musha

It was great to chat with Charlotte while the uncertainty of more lockdowns was on the horizon. Charlotte is a blogger who seems to have more hours in the day than Beyonce – she does it all and she’s recently started another new venture!

Here’s what she said when we caught up with her last year:

“Over lockdown I launched two new blogs as they had been on my ‘getting around to it’ list for over a year. ” 

Her goals for blogging have exploded in the past year and we love to see her content go from strength to strength. When we asked her what her ultimate blogging goal was, here’s what she said:

“Ideally it’d be to leave work and be a full-time blogger, because of the current situation that might be something that happens sooner rather than later so I’ve got a few action plans depending on what happens over the next few weeks. They all involve spending more time on improving SEO and developing some blog posts ‘series’ for each blog.”


If you want to see how Charlotte’s done, you can check out her blogs here:

The Side Hustle Directory
Craft Hustle Directory

September 2020 Hannah MacNeice

Mama bloggers had a tough time last year between home schooling, working and no school holidays. When we chatted to Hannah, we understood her passions and goals even more than before.

Hannah is our go-to mummy blogger, she is honest, open and her content is lovely to read. 

When we interviewed her last Autumn, we want to know more about her passions and motivations:

“Blogging began as an outlet for me. When I’d had a really tough day parenting my twins, I’d write about it. It was cathartic for me but I also found that other parents would reach out to me and thank me for making them feel less alone in finding it all flipping hard sometimes!”


Her goals for 2021 have been hit time and time again – and with the help of Get Blogged!

 “I just really want to keep working on increasing my DA and growing my blog further. One specific thing I want to work on is growing my confidence in terms of pitching to brands – I definitely need to do more of that! “

Get your mummy blogger fix with Hannah’s blog here.

October 2020 Emma Bradley

If you want a blogger who does it all, Emma is your girl. There is nothing she doesn’t cover. Her blog coaching business has taken off, she shares tips on how to be money savvy and she’s a mummy blogger too.

When we chatted to Emma, she was on the cusp of exciting blogging opportunities:

“This year I want to grow Top Blog Coaching which will hopefully include moving into offices as Louise and I need to be physically together more rather than working remotely ourselves. We will also be looking for writers to support us as we grow and develop.”

When we asked her how she felt about being involved in our Blogger of the Month feature, this is what she said:

 “It’s a great honour, there are so many amazing bloggers about now. It’s great to be recognized as someone who can inspire and support others.”

We certainly recognise you Emma, you’re smashing the blogging life.

Want to know more about Emma and her blogs? Hit the links below:

Emma & 3

Mums Savvy Savings

November 2020 Sunshine Sarah

November arrived and we needed a bit of sunshine in our lives. We invited the lovely Sarah to join our Blogger of the Month feature and she was a dream! We love Sarah’s outlook on life, her positive attitude and her content. 

Sarah had lots to say about the blogging world and Get Blogged:

“I always get really excited whenever a brand wants to work with me and I’m proud of the work I create. It’s always lovely to hear that brands like my work and compliment my writing, it makes all the effort worth it and makes me want to continue creating content!” 


When we asked her about making money with her blog, she said:

“I’m lucky in that my blog has never been a source of income for me, even if I do get sponsored post opportunities. Of course when we went into lockdown, it was only natural that work dried up for bloggers and freelancers alike. I do believe that the pandemic has had an impact on the industry as a whole, because, how could it not? But I also believe that there will be good things to come out of it and we’ll all find different ways of working which are sensitive to everyone’s situation. “

Sarah is a real blogger: she grafts, she engages and she is honest. 

If you want to read her content, click this link now.

December 2020 Georgie XOXO

Georgie is a blogging veteran! She’s been blogging forever and it seems that every blogger knows her content and style. We loved being able to ask her personal questions and get to know the blogger behind the blog with our Blogger of the Month interview.

Here’s what she had to say when we chatted last year:

“I can’t quite believe it but my little blog is just over 10 years old! I can’t believe I’ve been blogging so long! I still have the vivid imprint of how it all started. I was incredibly bored in a music theory class and I soon realised that I was seeking a creative outlet outside of my rigid studies and so the blog was born! It was originally called ‘Dreams That Glitter’ after a line from one of my favourite Girls Aloud songs I was obsessed with at the time called, ‘Call The Shots’ (that dates both me and my blog!).”


We HAD to ask her what her advice would be for new bloggers and here is what she said:

 “It’s far better to build on something consistently than to never start at all. But ultimately, if you have an idea you truly want to make happen, just start anywhere and start now and just see what happens.”

You can find Georgie’s lovely blog here.

January 2021 Sophie’s Plus Sized Wonderland

2021 kicked off with a bang! Our first interview of the year was with an amazing blogger who is completely and unapologetically herself: Sophie from Sophie’s Plus Sized Wonderland.

Sophie has the power of making people gravitate towards her. Her blog is full of helpful tips, funny stories and genuine opinions. We find ourselves searching for her latest post on dating, beauty and self confidence.

When we asked her to reflect on her blogging career so far, this is what she said:

“I wrote my first ever blog post back in 2013 when I felt that there needed to be more plus size bloggers out there. To me, there was a lack of representation for actual bigger women.” 


We wanted to know her goals for 2021 and she told us it all:

“To continue blogging… I miss going to blogger events due to what’s happening in the world right now. But it’s best that we all stay safe. Hopefully we can get back to events later in the year.”

We caught up with Sophie in June and here’s what she had to say about using Get Blogged:

“Since joining Get Blogged I have been able to get paid for something I love to do, which of course is writing. Get Blogged is a great way of earning extra income, especially during the current COVID situation. If you love blogging and want to get paid for it, Get Blogged is by far the best place to get started and move up in your blogging career.”

Visit Sophie’s blog here.

February 2021 Faded Spring

We were super excited to chat with Ana De Jesus earlier this year. We’ve been a fan of her blog for the longest time and sitting down for a chat was a dreamy day. During our interview, Ana gave us it all: personal motivations, details of collaborations, tips on how to be successful and dreams for the future. 

If you aren’t familiar with Ana’s blog Faded Spring, here is how she describes it:

“People describe me as a cross between Frida Kahlo (because I’m always wearing ornate and extravagant flower crowns) and a mermaid. So I like to call myself a part-time mermaid at weekends, who likes to pretend she’s Frida Kahlo. As a colour lover, I am rarely seen in anything that isn’t bold and bright, and this translates into my writing too.” 

We wanted to know more about why she loves blogging. This is what she had to say:

“Blogging is my solace during dark times. It lifts me up when I am feeling down. It is a beacon of hope during tumultuous periods and is a form of therapy that allows me to be the very best version of myself. “
Ana is a fashion and colour palette queen. You can check out her content here.

March 2021 Kelly Jackson

We’ve been told that life is more fun in your thirties but we needed to chat to Kelly before we made our minds up. Kelly is infamous in the blogging world, her content is hilarious and her opinions are straight to the point. We were chuffed to get this kind of honesty in her interview!

We wanted to know where it all began for Kelly:

“I’ve been blogging for 11 years which makes me feel old.”

Kelly’s tips on blogging success:

 “Work well, work fast and work efficiently. A client will always remember a blogger that turned around great content in good time.”

Read Kelly’s blog here.

April 2021 Emma, Bee Money Savvy

April saw the beginning of the easing of some lockdown restrictions and it felt like the perfect time to introduce some money saving tips. In our opinion, there’s only one blogger who tells it how it is. Emma from Bee Money Savvy has tips coming out of her ears and it was wonderful getting to know her better. 

Emma is well known in the blogging world and we found ourselves asking fan-girl questions! 

“I started blogging in 2017 and I’m so glad that I did! I’ve always been good with money but creating a money blog has taken it to the next level, pushed me to improve my budgeting skills and allowed me to earn some extra money towards buying my first home.” 

We wanted to hear her top tips on how to make the perfect pitch and she did not disappoint:

“It’s all about the pitch. When I apply for a blogging assignment through Get Blogged I aim to paint a picture of the post I’d like to create for the brand. I give examples of the posts titles that could work for the topic/brand/link and what category I believe it would suit well with. I try to demonstrate why my blog would be a good fit for the brand too.”

For amazing money saving tips, check out Emma’s blog.

May 2021 Jo, Girl Eats World

All hail the foodie bloggers of the world! Jo from Girl Eats World is a blogger we’ve had our eye on for the longest time. Her foodie content is pure goals and just clicking her blog’s URL makes our tummies rumble.

When we chatted to Jo in May, we asked her all about her tips for blogging success:

“Don’t be afraid to network and reach out. The famous saying ‘build it and they will come’ can be misleading. You need to be open and let people know you’re here, especially in such a competitive industry. Be polite, friendly and confident. I prefer the saying ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease’ when it comes to a business venture.”

It’s always lovely to understand the inspirations behind a successful blog, here are Jo’s:

 “My blog began purely as a hobby for myself but has really evolved from there. It’s been such a fun journey!”

For the yummiest recipes and best foodie inspirations this summer, check out Jo’s blog now!

June 2021 Jenny In Neverland

For us, Jenny feels like a pillar in the blogging community. She’s your go-to for blogging tips, side hustle ideas and she’s all for the community. Jenny is the friendly face in the blogging crowd, she’s got time for everyone and she is patient enough to talk to bloggers of all sizes through her ideas.

Catching up with Jenny felt like a cute coffee date. Here’s her interview from May.

For all of those new to blogging and not aware of Jenny, here’s a quick introduction to her and her content:

“I’ve been blogging for 8+ years. I started in March/April of 2013. Where has that time gone? Amazingly, I’ve been working with Get Blogged more or less since it first started so it’s been amazing to see it grow so much. It’s so simple, which I love! There are never any issues with content or payment and that’s so helpful and reassuring as a blogger.”

When we asked her what she liked about using Get Blogged to secure sponsored posts, here’s what she had to say:

“Get Blogged gives you creative freedom, even though some campaigns offer a brief I feel like we can really be creative in the posts and make them fit in with our blogs, whilst at the same time catering to the brands’ needs. The Get Blogged team are also amazing. You’re all so lovely and helpful!”

Thank you Jenny, we are always chuffed to see your pitched and applications!

Jenny’s blog can be found here.

What A Year It Has Been

The blogging world has continued to grow and get stronger. We’re so proud to work with these amazing bloggers and to work with you. 

Our team is made up of bloggers, we appreciate every effort that goes into making a successful blog. Your corner of the internet is your baby and we can help you monetise it! 

Here’s to a whole year of Bloggers of the Month! Bring on many, many more!

If you’d like to apply to be one of Get Blogged’s Bloggers of the Month, drop us an email here.

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