April Awareness Days: Inspiration For Blogger Marketing Campaigns

Get ready for some serious inspiration as we dive into our guide on creating awesome creator marketing campaigns out of April Awareness Days!


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April Awareness Days: Inspiration For Blogger Marketing Campaigns

April is a month of rebirth and renewal, with longer days and warmer temperatures giving us the perfect opportunity to celebrate the season. But April isn’t just about celebrating springtime – it’s also about raising awareness for some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Every year, during this time of growth, there are dozens and dozens of official April Awareness Days meant to draw attention to different topics like equal rights, mental health and more.

As bloggers, marketers or creators on social media platforms – we can use these special events as an inspiration for our campaigns in order to drive engagement while shining a light on important (and some kind of silly – Pillow Fight Day, anyone?) causes!

Read on for insight into some April Awareness days that could help you craft your next successful blogger marketing campaign.

With April comes lots of fun, commemorative holidays, and awareness days. What better way to take advantage of this than to partner with content creators to help you promote your marketing campaigns? Whether it’s bloggers and influencers or video and audio creators, these partners can help you reach a wide audience in an efficient manner.

Make sure your message resonates with them and their viewers for the most effective impact – consider the type of content these creators specialise in making and ensure that your marketing campaigns match their speciality. By doing so, you’ll be able to drum up excitement and spread awareness around each holiday or event, ultimately creating successful April marketing campaigns.

April Awareness Days – the perfect inspiration for blogger marketing campaigns

With hundreds of national awareness days in our calendar this year, you’re sure to find something that fits perfectly with your business or brand! This list of inspiring April Awareness Days is all you need as an excuse to boost your marketing strategy – take advantage of these special moments in the spotlight and connect them directly with meaningful action. Whether it’s creating focused content on social media, sharing engaging images on Instagram stories, or campaigning via email blasts – whatever works best for your particular audience!

April awareness days and events 2023 – free calendar download

April awareness days and events 2023 – free calendar download

April 1 – April 30: Stress Awareness Month 2023 (UK)

April 1 – April 30: Move More Month 2023 (US)

April 1 – April 30: Active for April 2023 (UK)

April 1 – May 1: National Pet Month 2023 (UK)

April 1: April Fool’s Day (UK)

April 1: International Pillow Fight Day 2023 (International)

April 2: National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day 2023 (US)

April 2: International Children’s Book Day 2023 (International)

April 2: Education and Sharing Day 2023 (US)

April 3 – April 9: Community Garden Week 2023 (UK)

April 4: 404 Day 2023 (US)

April 6: Tartan Day 2023 (US)

April 7: Walk To Work Day 2023 (International)

April 7: World Health Day 2023 (International)

April 7: Good Friday 2023 (International)

April 9: Easter Sunday 2023 (International)

April 10 – April 16: World Homeopathy Awareness Week 2023 (International)

April 12: National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day 2023 (US)

April 15: The Grand National (UK)

April 16: World Voice Day 2023 (International)

April 18 – April 22: National Stop Snoring Week 2023 (UK)

April 20 – April 26: Allergy Awareness Week 2023 (UK)

April 21: National Tea Day (UK)

April 22: National Jelly Bean Day 2023 (US)

April 22: International Mother Earth Day 2023 (International)

April 23: Saint George’s Day 2023 (International)

April 23: National Asparagus Day 2023 (UK)

April 23: English Language Day 2023 (International)

April 23: World Book Night 2023 (International)

April 24: Drive It Day 2023 (UK)

April 24: Scream Day 2023 (UK)

April 25: National DNA Day 2023 (UK)

April 26: Stop Food Waste Day 2023 (International)

April 28: Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day 2023 (US)

April 28: World Day For Safety And Health At Work 2023 (International)

April 29: International Dance Day 2023 (International)

April 30: International Jazz Day 2023 (International)

April awareness days and events calendar – download your own copy here.

How to Collaborate with Bloggers and Influencers on Awareness Days in April 2023

April is a special month that contains multiple awareness days, such as Stop Food Waste Day, International Dance Day, and National Tea Day! It’s the perfect time for brands and companies to collaborate with bloggers and influencers to promote their products and services while also raising awareness of important (and fun) causes. Here are a few fun and meaningful ways you can work with bloggers and influencers in April 2023.

Sponsor Contests or Giveaways in April

Contests or giveaways are a great way for brands to gain exposure by collaborating with bloggers or influencers. You provide the prizes, decide on the contest rules, and let creators do the rest! This will help create a buzz around your product or service while giving away something of value to the people participating in the giveaway.

What kinds of competitions could I run in conjunction with April Awareness Days?

International Pillow Fight Day – the perfect excuse for bed companies to promote their brand in a fun way

International Pillow Fight Day (on 1st April 2023) could be the perfect opportunity for a bed brand to launch an engaging and memorable competition. They could invite well-known blogger influencers and content creators to participate in their marketing campaign, encouraging them to document their pillow fight on social media in order to help raise awareness of the day. This would also provide an interesting topic for bloggers as they collaborate with each other in creative ways designed to showcase the brand’s products. Who wouldn’t want to see two or more bloggers vying against each other while they’re lounging around in stylish and comfortable beds? This fun yet effective campaign could provide massive exposure for the bed brand, all while showing off how great their beds look during International Pillow Fight Day 2021!

International Children’s Book Day 2023 – the perfect opportunity for a publishing house to get more reach

International Children’s Book Day 2023 is a great opportunity for publishing companies to create a marketing campaign that will bring awareness to books amongst their blogger and influencer network. Aspiring creators could be challenged to share their book-writing skills with the world by taking part in competitions organised by the publishing company. Not only can these types of campaigns foster relationships with interesting bloggers and writers, they can also inspire influencers to contribute more meaningful content related to books correlated with the competition. The networking possibilities are limitless, and it provides a great chance for engaging content on all platforms connected to the publishing company.

Host an Online Event in April

Host an Online Event in April

Whether it’s a webinar, live stream panel discussion, or virtual workshop – hosting an online event is a great way to increase engagement between your brand/company, the influencer/blogger you’re working with, and potential customers who may be interested in your products/services. Events like these create more opportunities for collaboration between you and other industry professionals while raising awareness at the same time! Here are a few ideas for you to mull over:

What kinds of online events could I run in conjunction with April Awareness Days?

Stop Food Waste Day 2023 – an opportunity to create a buzz around an important topic and your food brand

A food brand could make the most of Stop Food Waste Day 2023 by running an online cooking demo event in partnership with bloggers and influencers. This could be a great hook for marketing their brand, as well as providing useful and inspiring educational content that encourages people to waste less food. Inviting food bloggers and creators to join and share their own delicious creations would be a fantastic way to bring this awareness day to life while celebrating the power of food in all its forms – from ingredients to delicious recipes, meal planning tips, savvy food budgeting and fun tricks for preserving leftovers.

International Dance Day 2023 – a brilliant opportunity for a fashion brand to increase reach on social media

As International Dance Day on April 29th 2023 approaches, there is a great opportunity for fashion (and other) brands to increase their online presence while aligning themselves with the day celebrating the art of dancing. To maximise the impact of this awareness day, the brand could run an online dance workshop event with top influencers and bloggers in their sector. This event can be run on any popular platform and should include practical advice for those taking part to learn how to create their own content or showcase their favourite moves. This would be an ideal marketing campaign to start conversations related to International Dance Day and create more exposure around the brand itself. It’s a win-win situation!

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It’s time to craft blogger campaigns around awareness days in April

April 2023 is right around the corner so now is the time to start planning how you will use this month as an opportunity to collaborate with bloggers or influencers on important awareness days! With these three ideas in mind, you’re sure to come up with creative ways to work together that will positively impact both your bottom line as well as those causes that matter most to you! So get started today – planning ahead will ensure that everything goes smoothly come April 2023!

Need a spark of creativity? Contact us and we’ll be delighted to help you give your brand an injection of inspiration through perfectly crafted, personalised blogging campaigns. And the best part is – with our platform, it’s easy and affordable! Get started now by listing your campaign for free and find talented bloggers from as little as £26 + VAT.

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