6 festive blogger & influencer campaign ideas to increase reach within 48 hours

We realise that it can sometimes be hard to create an influencer marketing plan around the festive period that will pay off. Here are 6 incredibly simple ways to collaborate with bloggers, influencers and creators...


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6 festive blogger & influencer campaign ideas to increase reach within 48 hours

You may have heard that the festive period offers a wealth of opportunities for link-building and securing mentions from popular creators in your niche. Well, you can take it from us that what you heard is correct!

But we realise that it can be hard to create an influencer marketing plan around the festive period that will pay off. Whether you want referral traffic, better search engine rankings, increased sales or all of that and more, these are some amazing benefits of working with creators.

Here are 6 incredibly simple ways to collaborate with bloggers, influencers and creators:

So many creators are producing gift guides right now for their readers. A gift guide is typically a list of the very best products recommended by that creator. Creators typically review more products over key seasons such as Christmas, so it’s a great time to get your products reviewed too. Whether you sell high-ticket items or stocking fillers, you can get them featured and drive sales during the key shopping period.

Create a Gift Guide in The Get Blogged Marketplace right now to get your products featured in as little as 48 hours.

Investment: from just £26 per gift guide inclusion.

2. Get dedicated review posts of your key products in days

If you want to create more of a splash, ask creators to create a dedicated post exploring why your item is the perfect Christmas gift. Creators tend to take amazing, natural product shots and create a unique narrative for their audiences. You’ll be sure to get in front of that perfect audience in a professional way.

Investment: from just £26 + product per product review.

3. To maximise your brand reach, don’t miss Blogmas

Blogmas (or Vlogmas – the video version) simply sees creators posting every day like an advent calendar. To pull this flurry of content off, creators usually schedule their content well in advance, so it’s important you start to think about securing that coverage right now. Whether it’s a product review, sponsored post or inclusion in another type of content, such as social media updates, secure your inclusion in your perfect creators’ Blogmas schedule now.

Create a job in the Get Blogged Marketplace to secure your coverage now.

Investment: from just £26.

4. Don’t underestimate the power of giveaways

Do you find it hard to connect with those perfect niche audiences who are ready to invest in your products or services? Bloggers are well-connected to niche audiences who respect their recommendations, needing little persuasion. Bloggers and influencers are brilliant at running giveaways, using all sorts of tools to get the word out, and leveraging their audiences to create engagement and buzz around your brand. If you want your perfect target audience to compete to win your products, bloggers and influencers are the perfect way to make this happen.

Investment: From £26 + product &/or prizes.

5. Offer a special creator referral code to capitalise on collabs

The vast majority of creators love long-term collaborations with brands. To get more bang for your buck during the initial collaboration, it’s worth investing some time into providing the creators you’re collaborating with a special referral code. This creates a little extra incentive to continue to suggest your products and services to their audiences for years to come.

Investment: From just £26 per collab.

6. Build an army of dedicated brand ambassadors

We already know that bloggers and influencers can help to skyrocket your sales, brand reputation and traffic. A way to capitalise on that on a long-term basis is to create a brand ambassador campaign. In practical terms, this means rather than working with creators on a one-off campaign, you hatch a plan to work on an ongoing basis with the creator.

This could be where you create an agreement to send regular products (say every month) to your ambassadors and in return, they create regular content on their blog and social channels. Or perhaps you work with the creator to create a stream of social updates over a time period that showcases your brand.

Longer-term campaigns work really well with those creators who have an engaged audience in a similar niche. For instance, perhaps you have a range of supplements that help those to naturally manage chronic pain? Working with a chronic illness blogger with a dedicated following would serve your goals perfectly.

Investment: From just £26 for the initial collaboration.

How to start a Christmas campaign using the Get Blogged Marketplace

It’s pretty simple! The Get Blogged Marketplace was built for brands who want to have full control over their blogger and influencer campaigns but without the hassle and ambiguity of doing blogger outreach!

  1. Tell bloggers and influencers about your campaign – just create your campaign for free here.
  2. We’ll review your assignment within 24 hours (it’s usually minutes during office hours)
  3. We share your assignment with our huge community of 22K+ creators.
  4. In no time at all (within hours), you’ll start receiving responses from creators who can’t wait to work with you.
  5. Review pitches and hire as many creators as you like.

Ready to get started with securing your festive coverage? We have 22k+ creators waiting to work with you. Log in and go here to create a campaign for free.


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